Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They like their food.

I walked into the kitchen the other day and Carson had just pushed one of the chairs up to the pantry area.

He was hungry.

I stood back and observed... he had Kaitlyn climb up onto the chair..

And asked her to get a snack from "up high"..

.. and from the very back.

It's where I keep my stash of chocolate. :-S

I'm not sure if I should be happy about the fact that Kaitlyn and Carson now work together on things... or just scared.

I'm sure you know what I'm leaning towards.

At least Carson doesn't always involve others.. the day after Hayden's birthday, he decided on his own that it would be fun to have another helping of cake and ice cream.

Actually, it was a helping of frosting.. he ate 1/3 of the cake's frosting. No picture, sorry.

And he finished off the ice cream.

Umm... at least he used a bowl and spoon....

Have you ever witnessed a sugar rush as it goes into effect?

Want to?


Friday, November 6, 2009


I think Halloween is so much fun.

The decorations..

The costumes..

And now to that list, I get to add: The makeup. With the kids getting a little older I've found that they want me to get into that part of it a little bit more. So much fun!

I actually don't have very many pictures.. we went to a Halloween party this year and on the drive over, I discovered that I had left the memory card at home (in my laptop). I almost died. I LOVE Halloween pictures! *sniff, sniff* The internal memory gave me 15 pictures so that's what I had to work with.

I've mentioned this already but that's ok. Aubrey wasn't certain what she wanted to be so I had her dig through the bin of costumes and she decided on the prisoner costume since her friend Holly was going to be the same thing. Only of course she had to be dead.. she IS in 4th grade now.

This was from the party she went to a few weeks ago.. you can see the costume better.

On Halloween, in the car, on the way to the party.

Hayden had been asking if he could be The Joker for a couple of days.. I didn't have a costume for him but wasn't really sure what I thought about that idea. It's not so much of a kids costume, ya know? The day prior to Halloween we trecked to D.I. (consignment store) and I searched through the women's section for clothing that might work for *something*. Which was not easy.. Carson kept hiding in the racks resulting in me crouching down to look for his shoes to make sure he was still near by.

And then I happened to find a bright purple velvety jacket/blazer complete with "old lady" smell and all. Hayden started jumping up and down because it was sooo perfect for a Joker costume. Fine. FINE. Next I found a green sleeveless top (which I cut to shorten and make it more vest like in front) as well as a tie.

Hayden has sensory issues sometimes so I was surprised when he kept talking about how he needs make up all over his face.. but he was totally all about it and he wore it well. I really enjoyed putting it on- I used eyeshadow around his eyes and then costume makeup stuff for the rest.

On the drive over..

Doesn't he look great??

Drew had him say, "Why so Serious" a bunch of time... this is Hade's serious face. lol
Carson was going to be the Red Power Ranger. It was a passed down costume from Hayden. I was very proud of myself that I managed to not lose the hat, the cape, the gloves or the boot covers. That's not eat with boys that love to play with it!! Imagine my frustration when I wasn't able to find the actual COSTUME. I searched everywhere with no luck. Figures.

Carson looved the hat though and wore it and kept saying he was a knight. For five days. FIVE. He wore it taking Hayden to school.. to Walmart.. to Winco.. to Costco.. to Michael's.. my in-laws.. Red Robin.. E*V*E*R*Y*W*H*E*R*E.

When we were at D.I. I happened to find a knight chest plate and decided to go with that for a costume. He's 3 years old. Why not let him wear what he wants? I just had him wear a matching turtleneck and pants.

I couldn't decide what to have Kaitlyn wear.. do I pass down a costume.. go super girly.. what to do, What to do! I finally decided with it being cold outside that I'd have her wear Carson's old Finding Nemo costume. She was so cute! Even if the pants were big.. I had to roll them 3 times and even then they kept falling down (size 18 mo.). Oh well.

So sad the picture is blurry! Trust me, she was adorable in a non-blurry setting.
Here's a group shot. The big kids had so much fun trick-or-treating.. they just ran from house to house. My kids really enjoyed it- I usually make them wait for the little kids before going to another house. lol

Kaitlyn and a just turned 2 year old friend (the little pumpkin) went trick-or-treating together.. she's say it and Kait would say Thank you. So cute!

And here are my four crazy kids. Yeah....
At least they're mostly looking in this one. Kind of.

I saved the best for last.

Drew and I needed costumes for Halloween but I had no idea what.. we've never dressed up before. Carson told me I should be Batman (of course.. he loves batman..) and then it hit me- BatGirl! I could wear my black lounge pants (who doesn't want to be comfortable??).. this could really work.

First up, I went Walmart and checked out the boys section for batman shirts.. I didn't find anything with a good logo. And then I remembered Hayden had an undershirt with one.. sure enough, they still had them! I cut them out of the shirt and then hand stitched them onto black shirts that Drew and I had.

I had a lot of fun with the make up- when else will I wear yellow eye shadow?? You can't tell how yellow it is with the bright flash.. but it was awesome. At least I thought so. LOL

For the capes, I bought black satin costume fabric (that's what the tag said- I was just happy it was 2 bucks a yard) and dark yellow fabric for the inside. I hand stitched the bottom 'bat' scoops and then used iron on adhesive stuff for the rest. Mine went to about the back of my knees and Drew's went clear to his ankles (his request). They ROCKED. I used a ribbon to keep mine together in front and Drew had Velcro for his and just on the back of his shirt.

I didn't get any pictures of us earlier in the evening since the kids were so excited to run around.. but I had Aubrey take a few once we were home. Drew's belt is off (he had a matching yellow belt) and my cape is off. Aubrey was so tired that she was melting down and didn't want to sit around and wait for us.

We had such a great night.. and it seriously made me so happy that my husband actually agreed to wear a costume and we had a lot of fun with it. :o)