Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All because of the Lucky Charms.

Today has been a very long day. Drew went to bed not feeling well and woke up SICK! He wasn't even able to call in to his work to tell them he wasn't going to make it (I did). He's been asleep most of the day. Poor guy.

I was hoping to still get a lot done today.. but when your 2 year old wakes up before you do and you walk into your front room, to the below picture, you know it's going to be one of those days.

You are viewing an empty box of Lucky Charms. Why is it empty?? Because your adorable little man has decided that it's MUCH easier to eat all of the marshmallows if you first empty the box out.


And then Hayden wouldn't wake up.. every time I tried, he would get really mad and mutter about wanting to sleep. He didn't wake up until noon. NOON! I figured he was either a) getting sick or b) growing, growing, growing. Preschool starts at 12:20. So at that point I had to decide what would help me more likely win the Mother of the Year award.. just letting him stay home.. or sending him and knowing that he will be sharing (cause you know it would happen) that he JUST woke up.

He stayed home.

Kaitlyn went down for her nap easily.. and seems to not be feeling well. Most excellent. :-S

Then, Aubrey must have sensed that she was missing out on some good times.. because I received a phone call from her just after one saying she fell down during recess. On the ice. And hit her head.. and it really hurt. *sigh*

So I go and pick her up. While waiting in the office for her to return with her backpack and coat, a little girl sits down by me who is waiting for her mom to bring her some cream for a nasty rash on her arm.. she doesn't know what the rash is from. She tells me about two children (in the past) that had been missing and were then killed. I'm thinking the rash= too much worrying. I scooted away ever so slightly, just to be safe.

Aubrey joins me in the office and I feel the small bump on the back of her head and confirm that her eyes aren't dilated. As we walk to the car, she tells me that she first fell really hard on her butt and then fell back on her head. She walked slowly out to the car because she was sore.. and commented that it was a good thing that I checked her out of school. Her headache was pretty bad and they were doing a LOT of math today. She wondered out loud how could she possibly think that much while in pain??? Math take a lot of thinking, you know. Funny that she never mentioned her headache again.. just her rear end. Hmm.... very suspicious.

And here's a funny story.. tonight while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed Hayden standing by Kaitlyn (in her high chair) with a super big cheesy smile (read: GUILTY). I asked what he was doing. He said, "Oh, just thinking about how much I love the best mommy ever."

I looked under the table.. he was moving toys under there (he likes to pretend it's his pirate ship). Which he is not supposed to do.

I gave him a raised eyebrow and told him he's lucky he can think quickly. Too funny.

Ok, I've done lots of rambling but NO pics! (really, did you want a picture or Drew sleeping with his nose running or Aubrey's rear end??)

So here are a few (ha ha) pictures from yesterday.

Love this picture!
Can you tell he's frustrated?? Love the faces he makes..
Kaitlyn and her Bear sitting for Tea Time
Maybe we should ask Carson to join us..
More the merrier.. plus how often do you get a guest with a plastic tub on their head??

And this is some shameless bragging. I'm considering putting this accomplishment on my resume. I'm sure she got it from me.

At the end of last school year, Aubrey was at the top of her class for reading and was at a 4th grade level. She rocks.

Imagine how surprised I was when I found out she did reading test again and had improved by 31%???


It was the biggest gain in her class! She recieved a certificate for the most improved reading score. Included was a free meal for Wingers and free hamburger from Burger King.

Go, Aubs!!

And this picture just makes me laugh. We all have "hot spots", right? You know, the area in your home where papers collect?? I have two (possibly three) in my kitchen.

Last week I found my children's. Apparently it's behind the couch in my front room. Nice.
Ok, off to check on my husband and then go to bed. I guess first I better try and decide if I should lysol my half of the bed or just sleep on the couch.. I don't want to catch what he has!

Monday, January 19, 2009

No School.

There is no school today and there was no school on Friday. It's been a long but fun four days.

I'm ready for tomorrow. ;o)

Hayden had a hot dog for lunch under the kitchen table (his pirate ship).

Before Kaitlyn's nap, we looked out the front window and watched the kittens play.


Aubrey is currently playing Rock Band with her friend Bryan.

Carson is currently playing with cars and pirate ships in his bedroom.

And now I'm updating my blogs and waiting for my sister to call. I'm trying to convince her to meet me at University mall to go to build-a-bear. The kids were given gift cards from their uncle Lock for Christmas and I, I mean the kids, want to go use them.

Think I'll send her another text.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm losin' it!!

The weight, that is!

I have decided to create a second blog where I can talk about my weight loss.

Go check it out and bookmark it.. you can follow along as I eat my way to success!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Points of Reference.

I am sooo behind in blogging. I guess I'll make a list of things I need to blog about so I don't forget.

I hate lists, btw.

I use it for remembering purposes only (mainly when I'm packing for a trip). I get pretty much zero satisfaction of crossing something off of a list and I just can't be bothered to spend the time. Back when i worked, I took the Myer-Briggs personality test and it even mentioned the above. Ha! So apparently there are others who feel the same way.

You know, I think I'll actually call this my Points of Reference. Sounds much better.

Moving on.

1- Kaitlyn's Birthday (MY BABY IS ONE!!! :-O ).

2- Kaitlyn's birthday party.

3- Her one year old check up (she only weighed in at 15 pounds even.. ugh).

4- I am now an official Weight Watcher's participant! Go, Me! And the nice thing about being chunky/thick skinned/fat is that I get lots of points and I'm not having any problems other than fitting the exercise in. Need to find people to discuss this with.

5- I have things I want to accomplish in the house.. Drew thinks my "organized chaos" needs to go.. and I agree with him.. but wow, it's a lot. Especially with the crazy kids.. Plus I want to make my bedroom all fabulous, etc., etc., etc. Need to clean more.. blah, blah, blah.. My hope is that in posting it, I'll actually follow through.

6- Sharing things I enjoy.. I've been thinking that I should blog about my favorite sites/blogs.

7- Blog more about my crazy kid's one liners.. it's hard for me because I'm the queen of rambling (as I'm sure you are aware).. but my goodness, my children are FUNNY!!

Ok, I think that's all. Plus it's almost midnight.. that's something I'm working on as well. Going to bed earlier.Fine, I admit, I'm actually just laying in bed earlier and playing Tetris on my phone a little longer.. but whatever. :o)