Thursday, January 8, 2009

Points of Reference.

I am sooo behind in blogging. I guess I'll make a list of things I need to blog about so I don't forget.

I hate lists, btw.

I use it for remembering purposes only (mainly when I'm packing for a trip). I get pretty much zero satisfaction of crossing something off of a list and I just can't be bothered to spend the time. Back when i worked, I took the Myer-Briggs personality test and it even mentioned the above. Ha! So apparently there are others who feel the same way.

You know, I think I'll actually call this my Points of Reference. Sounds much better.

Moving on.

1- Kaitlyn's Birthday (MY BABY IS ONE!!! :-O ).

2- Kaitlyn's birthday party.

3- Her one year old check up (she only weighed in at 15 pounds even.. ugh).

4- I am now an official Weight Watcher's participant! Go, Me! And the nice thing about being chunky/thick skinned/fat is that I get lots of points and I'm not having any problems other than fitting the exercise in. Need to find people to discuss this with.

5- I have things I want to accomplish in the house.. Drew thinks my "organized chaos" needs to go.. and I agree with him.. but wow, it's a lot. Especially with the crazy kids.. Plus I want to make my bedroom all fabulous, etc., etc., etc. Need to clean more.. blah, blah, blah.. My hope is that in posting it, I'll actually follow through.

6- Sharing things I enjoy.. I've been thinking that I should blog about my favorite sites/blogs.

7- Blog more about my crazy kid's one liners.. it's hard for me because I'm the queen of rambling (as I'm sure you are aware).. but my goodness, my children are FUNNY!!

Ok, I think that's all. Plus it's almost midnight.. that's something I'm working on as well. Going to bed earlier.Fine, I admit, I'm actually just laying in bed earlier and playing Tetris on my phone a little longer.. but whatever. :o)


  1. I did weight watchers. I really enjoyed it. Then I fell off the wagon, go me huh? You will do fabulous. Can you go work out before Drew goes to work? That is what I did. I had to wake up extra early but it was the only way I could do it.

  2. Wow, I can't believe Kaitlyn is 1! (And 15 pounds? How s she doing?).

    Congrats on Weight Watchers! I keep trying to get started,like magically the pounds will come off from mind power. If that was true though I would weigh like 120. I might call you because I have all of the stuff, just haven't had the willpower!!!

  3. I have been working on the organized chaos (not so organized, as it turns out . . . ) and I'm finding that going over and over the same space is actually a good tactic. I say, Okay, I'm putting away all of this category of things. So I do that and that feels great. And then, I'm all, okay, now I'm going to throw away all of this category of things (today, it was magazines and I am just going to go ahead and fess up that I filled almost half the recycling can with magazines, which on the one hand, Whoa. That's ridiculous., but on the other hand, whee! they're all gone!). Now that that's done, I might have the courage to take things off the top shelf in my closet and get rid of some of that, since I haven't looked at it in like EIGHT YEARS, maybe it's time for it to go?