Monday, January 19, 2009

No School.

There is no school today and there was no school on Friday. It's been a long but fun four days.

I'm ready for tomorrow. ;o)

Hayden had a hot dog for lunch under the kitchen table (his pirate ship).

Before Kaitlyn's nap, we looked out the front window and watched the kittens play.


Aubrey is currently playing Rock Band with her friend Bryan.

Carson is currently playing with cars and pirate ships in his bedroom.

And now I'm updating my blogs and waiting for my sister to call. I'm trying to convince her to meet me at University mall to go to build-a-bear. The kids were given gift cards from their uncle Lock for Christmas and I, I mean the kids, want to go use them.

Think I'll send her another text.


  1. So glad you delurked! It is ALWAYS fun to make blogging buddies, even if we are related kinda sorta. I'll be checking in on you!

  2. I love seeing the faces of these cute cute cute kids. And I remember what it was like after a fun long weekend--it does come time for kids to go back to school and things to get back to normal. Maybe you'll show us your bears when you get them made?