Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Carson!

Nothing like your child's birthday to make you blog again (has it really been a month??) but whatever works, right??

This past Thursday was Carson's 4th birthday.  Although he was upset most of the morning that he wasn't six.  Or five.  Finally by the end of the evening, he was content with four. 

Carson used to be my kiddo that hated to smile for the camera.  He'd frown and give you angry eyes.   He now looooves the camera.  Why?  Because he can make all the silly faces he wants.  He loves it!

The day before his birthday, I took mini cupcakes and apple juice to his preschool for his birthday.  He loved telling all the kids it was almost his birthday and having them sing to him.

I think what I've been most excited about with Carson turning four is that we're leaving the THREE's BEHIND!  We all know how much more difficult three is than two.  Carson has always been HARD full of energy and it's been just wonderful to have him grow out of it a little.  Meaning, I can go to the grocery store and he doesn't randomly run off somewhere.  He stays by me in the parking lot.  He LISTENS to me.  Pure.Bliss.

Let me elaborate.  Him staying by me = The heavens open up, light shines down, music feels the air, rainbows pop up in the sky, birds chirps and all is right in the world.  Ahhhh.. I've been waiting for this for a LOOOONG time!  (although to be fair, he was my easiest labor.. just everything else after that has been more... challenging..)

Carson still totally loves Lego guys.  Batman Lego. Toy story Lego. Star Wars Lego.  Blue (Minors) Lego.  Indiana Jones Lego.  He was very happy that two of his presents involved Lego Guys.

He loves to run around, sing Ghostbusters and Best Day Ever on Rockband,  ride his bike, color, fight with Kaitlyn, drink apple juice, eat breadsticks, sleep on the top bunk and watch movies.

He absoluetly loves going to preschool and jumps up and down when I tell him it's Monday or Wednesday.  His favorite friend at school is Tressia (sounds like Trisha).  He is AMAZING in the puzzle department.  I'll even let him start a new one when I'm there to pick him up because it takes so little time for him to complete (even the hard ones!!) and I can't help but stare.

His best friend right now is STILL Mindy.. he loves that girl.  But when the big kids tease him, he says he'll marry her but he won't kiss her.  Just a big hug.  He misses her a lot.

He teaches Kaitlyn all sorts of things.  That louder is always better.  Pressing "A" (thank you wii) will make anything work.  How to fake burp and then yell Excuse Me.  If you put a Littlest Pet Shop up high, you have to yell, Heeelp Meee, AAHHHHH as the pet plummets to the ground. The importance of claiming your "spot" and NEVER giving up if someone else tries to sit there.  If you get into the chocolate stash, you should always get one for mommy or you'll end up getting in trouble.  That if you call Dad at work, the first thing you say is, "I pooped!".   How to throw a fake punch, with sound effects.  And of course the, "Becky, You're my best Mommy" quote.

Carson definitely wears his heart on his sleeve.  When you look at his face, there is never any doubt of what he's feeling at the moment.  From grouchiness or pure excitement.  Thank goodness it makes for excellent entertainment.  I am so happy he's part of our crazy family.  He definitely fits right in.

My favorite part of his birthday is that he was so surprised that a) he got to open all the presents without getting in trouble and b) they were all for him.  Very different from his Christmas experience..  I'm glad he had such a great evening.


Happy Birthday, Carson!!  We love you!