Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: I love having a little girl!

(the idea of Wordless Wednesday is that I post pictures only, no words... me blogging with NO COMMENTARY??  I will be telepathically screaming all the details to you so please pay attention.  Thanks in advance.)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pick your battles.

Some of the best advice I was given when pregnant with Aubrey was to pick your battles.

I'm sure most of you parents out there know what I'm talking about.  You know, asking yourself if it's really worth the fight on some things... and I've found that it definitely applies once your kids are around 4 years old and diving head first into indipendence.   At that age, I allowed Aubrey to visit my niece in the Children's Hospital while wearing a huge poofy Cinderella costume.  I let Hayden drink the fry sauce from the container (what, do you blame him??). 

And now, it's Carson's turn.

Last Saturday night, Carson discovered one of the toys that I had put away for over a year awhile called  Tag Tails Zoo Chase.

Basically, there are four belts (or seatbelts as Carson calls them) and you clip one of them on.. then there is a tail that snaps into it.. the kids chase each other around trying to grab the other tails.

Carson's favorite is the Tiger Tail.

He wore it Saturday evening.

He slept in it Saturday night.

Wore it all day Sunday.

Slept in it Sunday night.

He wore it Monday morning and just before lunch, I mentioned to Carson that he needed to take it off because it was time to go to preschool.

He did not agree and was quite upset.  He said that he wanted to wear it to school so that he could show his friends and his teacher.

Pick your battles.

So, I did it.  I let my 3 year old wear a tiger tail to school. 

He was so excited!   And because I have no shame, I documented this experience with the aid of my cell phone.

The kids all thought it was great and the teacher got a kick out of Carson jumping around and growling.

And then just like that, he took it off and put it in his backpack.  No fight.

I love good advice.

Position filled.

When my brother-in-law Lock moved with his wife (heart them!!) to California this past summer, they broke up our Rock Band group. 

My step-brother Dan has always played with us.. but when there was the five of us, it provided the chance to rotate and no one was ever stuck with just singing.  I love to sing.. but I love to play guitar even more.

Anyway, with just three of us regularly playing, we pretty much never have anyone sing anymore.

We're always keeping our eyes out for someone new to play with us (in a non-creepy stalker sort of way.. kind of..).

I think as of last night though, the position has been filled.  The kid even dances!

(this video contains Carson:  Please adjust the volume of your speakers accordingly)

What do you think, is he a keeper???

You're my best mommy.

Carson:  Can I have pizza for breakfast?

Me:  Sure, why not.. can you get it yourself or do you want some help?

Carson:  I can get it!

(I'm getting a plate from the cupboard for him)

Carson:  Woah, this is a big piece!  Can I eat it all?

Me (laughing):  I guess so, bring it over here so we can put it on the plate.

Me:   :-O, that's a HUGE piece, Carson. 

Carson:  I know, it's way, way big!  I love pizza!

Me:  :-O  Um.... maybe we should put back some of...

Carson:  Becky, you're my best mommy.

Me:  Enjoy your pizza!

Every morning after Carson wakes up, he cuddles next to me on the couch for a few minutes and he tells me that phrase. Usually it goes, "Guess what, Becky?  You're my best mommy."   It totally cracks me up and it melts my heart.  In case you can't tell.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No more monkeys jumping on the bed.

Yesterday when I picked Carson up from preschool, a mother who had been volunteering that day, made a beeline to speak with me.

I was initially a little concerned at the urgency.

She told me that Carson was such a sweet little boy.

He's adorable.

He's very smart.

He followed instruction well.

He is very quiet.

Of course I smiled and eagerly nodded my head in agreement.. but in kind of a 'double take' fashion, I did ask her to repeat herself about that last part.

Apparently when it was his turn to be at the Counting Center (which she was helping with), he was the most quiet of all the children .  She could barely hear him calmly say each number.

Still in surprised I questioned her a little more:  "Really, Carson?  Most quiet?? Out of the ENTIRE class???"

I casually mentioned that he's my "loud child" so I was a little surprised at that part of her report.. very pleased.. but it was a little unexpected.

Then, she started laughing.. she told me that once it was the end of the day and the kids were singing songs, that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

And that she was very happy that she didn't pee her pants laughing earlier. 
(I'm glad too, that's just awkward for everyone!)

Yesterday he learned Five Little Monkeys.. the end being his favorite part.  In case you can't tell.

I see why she laughed.  I love it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Star Student aka Hayden

In Hayden's kindergarten class, they spotlight a different child every week.  That child is known as The Star Student and gets to help out the teacher during that time. 

Hayden has been waiting and WAITING for his turn.

This past Thursday, he was sent home with a "get to know you" poster to fill out and return on Tuesday (since it was a long weekend).  On Friday, I get to go to school with Hade and share a few other things about him.  I asked him if we're supposed to bring a treat and he said No.  They're only allowed to bring a snack.  So I had better make sure to call it a snack.  He would like to take Smarties.  I can't help but wonder if Smarties really count as a snack and not a treat?? 

Anyway, because I'm in running for the Mother of the Year award, I remembered many times over the long weekend that I needed to work on Hayden's poster but I never actually acted upon that.  My awesomeness resulted in leaving us with the quest to complete the poster in an hours time this morning. 

Luckily, Hayden likes to color.   (don't worry, we spiked his hair into a faux-hawk before he went to school)

I used my very impressive coloring skills to draw his name.  He filled out everything else.  It reads (along with my commentary):

All About Hayden

I am 6 years old.  My favorite animal is a shark.  My favorite color is Red.  My favorite food is Pizza (and breadsticks and cheese bread but when I told him that was a lot of letters he decided to just go with Pizza).

This is what I look like.
(mental note: order a replacement pic since I cut this one up)

My Family
(mental notes:  order replacement pictures of both of these and get someone else to take a picture of Drew and I where our heads aren't THISBIG because WOW!)

McDonalds is my favorite place.
(please note the dual exhaust on the car.. that's because it's fast *insert big engine noises that Hade made*)
(have to say this also really surprised me since I don't think he's been inside of a McDonalds for literally years.. all those germs freak me out!!!)

When I grow up, I want to be- Artist
(the art palette has each color he used while drawing this picture and the art piece has a blueberry bush  and a tree, the hole is for a squirrel)

My favorite thing to do is Wii Lego Star Wars
(he's holding the wii remotes in his hands.. that's our big TV up on the entertainment center *in attempt to try and keep Carson from breaking it* and on the screen is Luke, Obi Wan and Darth Maul, all holding light sabers)

If I had one wish, I would wish for A Water Park
(ok, on the left of the castle is two different slides, then there's a bridge with water across it and on the top of the right castle there is a bucket which dumps water out.  There is a pool under it all)

He's such a great kid!!  I hope he has a lot of fun at school this week.  What a relief it was to get this all finished in time. 

Only took 3 smarties worth of motivation, too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is my dilemma.

Carson and Kaitlyn had a lovely afternoon the other day.  They played well together.. shared.. hugged (seriously, Carson kept hugging her and saying he loved her, it was adorable!).. zero screaming (which is HUGE in our house)... it was AMAZING.  Breathtaking, perhaps.

And it lasted for over TWO hours!

Which resulted in her room looking like this, which DID take my breath away.

My right eye would twitch when I walked past the explosion.

Luckily everthing in her room has it's own place and home so cleaning up doesn't take too long.

But then it resulted in Kaitlyn wanting to move things around.

And Carson didn't want her to so he took it away (sooo not nice).

And in typical big brother fashion, he held it up so she couldn't get it.

Which then resulted in major tears and a very unhappy two year old.

A dilemma is defined as a problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable.

Told you I have one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You know how Carson is my child that is, um, energetic? 

Some days I'm amazed he survived the day cause WOW. 

When I'm tempted to contact the local group of Pirates to see if they're interested in a new crew member, I try to go to my happy place and remember:  At least he's cute... at least he's mine.. at least he's funny!  

Want to see my favorite happy place of the moment?  

This is me telling him what I bought at the store last night. 

And now you know, this is why he lives and why I don't give him away.

In the morning? We're making...

Go ahead, channel your inner Shrek.. ready? 

"... and in the morning, I'm making waffles!"

I've wrote before about how much our family enjoys Drew's waffle maker and his mad waffle skills.  Plus he makes them and cleans up after himself.  I know, awesome, right?

This past Sunday morning, we all dined on the fluffy waffleness.  

See that?   Those are happy people.

If only there was a way to make those smiles stick around. 

By the end of the meal:
  • Aubrey had declared herself full and retreated to Webkinz World.  
  • Kaitlyn refused to sit down on the chair (she also refuses to use a booster seat.. sheesh, turns 2 and girl gets all big on me!).  
  • Carson was screaming about Hayden having a turn with the Star Wars Lego Guy (even though his turn was just moments earlier- look back in the first picture, he's holding it up).   
  • Hayden was looking at Carson like he's crazy because clearly, it was his turn
  • Drew didn't even notice.  

Why?  Because he was still in waffle land.  Lucky man.

I sure love Sunday Mornings.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

post holiday casualty.

Christmas was nine days ago.

Today we had our first post holiday casualty.

Poor Mr. Blue Lego Guy.

He was found in the garbage disposal.

May he rest in peace.

Or maybe I should say... May he rest in pieces.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Clean Up.

Thought you'd like to know that I'm in the process of taking my Christmas decorations down.

This year I didn't feel the need to drag out every single decoration I own, like I usually do, resulting in more simplicity yet bigger impact.

I loved how my front room look.  LOVED.

My favorite part was the soft glow in the evenings thanks to one lovely string of LED lights that I had wrapped around garland.   I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate it into my every day decor (the lights, not the garland).  Any ideas??

I have to say with everything being taken down and thoroughly dusted.... my front room now looks so naked!

Well, Almost......