Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You're my best mommy.

Carson:  Can I have pizza for breakfast?

Me:  Sure, why not.. can you get it yourself or do you want some help?

Carson:  I can get it!

(I'm getting a plate from the cupboard for him)

Carson:  Woah, this is a big piece!  Can I eat it all?

Me (laughing):  I guess so, bring it over here so we can put it on the plate.

Me:   :-O     Um...wow, that's a HUGE piece, Carson. 

Carson:  I know, it's way, way big!  I love pizza!

Me:  :-O  Um.... maybe we should put back some of...

Carson:  Becky, you're my best mommy.

Me:  Enjoy your pizza!

Every morning after Carson wakes up, he cuddles next to me on the couch for a few minutes and he tells me that phrase. Usually it goes, "Guess what, Becky?  You're my best mommy."   It totally cracks me up and it melts my heart.  In case you can't tell.

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