Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The story of Carson and Christmas.

After the kids were in bed on Christmas Eve, Drew and I were relaxing and watching whatever random christmas movie was on. Around 11, I decided I should start wrapping the last of Carson's presents and the Santa Presents so that I could go to bed at a decent hour.

Carson, had other plans. As I headed upstairs to the stash, he woke up.  He had fallen asleep on the way home from my mom's house and after a small nap he was ready to go.  And he stayed awake until 1. Which meant I had to hold off on wrapping until that point.

I finally had everything wrapped nicely and placed under the tree by 3:30.  Which happened to be what time I went to bed the night before.

Santa stopped by to eat cookies and milk. Stockings were filled and a present left behind. This year instead of leaving several gifts behind, the kids asked for one present they really, really wanted and that's what was brought.

It looked so lovely! Simple, but lovely.

I took one final picture before going to bed. I was so excited for the kids- this is what they would see in the morning. I left my camera on the stairs so that in the morning, I could take pictures of their surprised faces.

If I only knew what was to happen.

Just before six, I heard a rustling noise in the front room. I was so exhausted that I was really pretty confused.. why would there be anything but silence that early in the morning?

And then I sat up. Carson. It had to be Carson.

I stumbled out of bed and ran into the front room. There was Carson, wide awake, playing with a Lego Miners set. One that I had purchased as a Christmas present, wrapped and was supposed to be under the tree.

I knew things wouldn't be pretty as I headed downstairs but I was hoping that he had just noticed the presents with his name on them (including a HUGE letter C because he definitely knows his name starts with C).  I grabbed my camera that I had just held hours earlier and took two pictures.. it was probably good I didn't have my contacts in to realize JUST how much damage was done.

I felt like I was in a dream as I walked around..was I really seeing what I thought I did? Was it really possible?

My heart sunk as I realized what I was dealing with- Carson had opened everything.  EVERYTHING!  There was two small mugs still wrapped under the tree.. but otherwise, EVERY. SINGLE. PRESENT. had been opened.  The kids had seven presents each.. plus four santa presents.. plus two from my dad for the kids and then a few more for Drew and I.. totaling in at thirty seven.

Can you even imagine?  OPENING THIRTY SEVEN PRESENTS??

I started shaking when I yelled out, "Carson, What did you do???  How could you???"

Drew woke up and ran out to the kitchen- he knows that's never a good phrase to be associated with Carson, especially at six in the morning and on Christmas.. I kept rambling about Everything.. it's everything.. and finally was able to get the whole story out.

Carson was in the front room with his eyes THISBIG and still playing with his new Blue Lego Guy.. you can tell the wheels were turning in his head that this was not playing out how he was expecting.

We tried to get answers from Carson on what happened and WHY but all he'd say is, "But I wanted lots of Blue Lego Guys and lots and lots of presents!".

So not the answer we were looking for.

It was just so bad.. how were we going to wrap everything again.  And really, THIRTY SEVEN?  It was all I could do to not cry.

Carson was spanked a few times and then Drew put him out in the garage for a minute so that there was no beating involved.  I'm pretty sure smoke was actually coming from Drew's head so it was probably a good idea.  He was MAD.  Once the wave passed over, we put Carson in time out and he sat there for another hour.

Meanwhile, Drew and I went downstairs and tried to figure out what to do and just shaking our heads in disbelief.  I had spent HOURS wrapping everything.. how would we do this?  He gathered up the paper while I sorted the gifts.

I started with Aubrey's.. grabbed one, cut out the paper for it and shoved it over to Drew.  Drew then wrapped it ghetto fabulously, scribbled the name on it with Sharpie and threw it under the tree.   Lather, rinse, repeat.   Poor Kaitlyn didn't even get the "T" crossed on her name for most of her presents.  Good thing she can't read.

We put Carson's in a box and in Drew's office.. he was done with presents for the morning.  

And we decided that our month-long threat of  Santa will bring you a rock if you're naughty should be enforced.  Good thing we already had the Sharpie down there.

When we finally finished wrapping and headed upstairs, the other kids woke up shortly after.. we were just in time.  We told them what happened (it was obvious how upset we were plus I was still shaking).. they weren't all that surprised.  Which is a little bit funny, all considering.   And they were happy that everything was wrapped again so everything was ok.

Looking back, Drew and I can laugh now.  Honestly.  Can you imagine what a grand time he had?  Opening THIRTY SEVEN presents?  He must have woken up shorty after I went to bed to have opened all those.

I really thought he would have ran upstairs after seeing all the presents to tell me.. or I would have heard him yelling about a toy since he's so loud.. but nothing.  Just the time of his life opening the "lots and lots of presents" that he kept saying he wanted. 

I swear... only this child.  This was definitely a Christmas to remember!


  1. Your story was great. Especially the part about the garage and not beating him. At least you got a great story to tell and something to remember it by. And you were so smart to get pictures before. That way you can really compare the damage.

  2. I don't get it... in your family stick figure picture, Carson has a halo on his head. That story does not scream angel to me! :)

  3. Oh, the halo was being funny.. no way that kid has ever had one. ;o) Good thing he's so cute!

  4. Oh poor poor mother! I am pregnant with my fourth child and I don't think I could ever image this happening at our house. Your little Carson seems like a pretty adventurous kid! I'm afraid of what I would've done in a similar situation! I am proud of you getting pictures of the entire situation.....I think I would've been too mad to do it!

  5. Oh my goodness. I think you handled it great. I don't think I would have handled it that well.

  6. oh.dear. this beats my bethany at 3 years old on her birthday. presents all wrapped and ready to go to her party. we started to get ourselves ready only to return and find that bethany had unwrapped everyone of her gifts. i was so upset. so i do understand...but just wow. poor mom and dad!

  7. OMGOSH! Bless your heart! Bless his too! LOL

  8. WOW.

    This one will go down in your family lore. One time my brother and I woke up at 3 in the morning or so, and went downstairs and checked out our stockings and Santa gifts (in our family, Santa doesn't wrap the gifts). Our big mistake was taking a present back to bed with us to keep us company. Why was our mom so upset? We didn't unwrap anything.

  9. OH my gosh! My cousin posted a link to this on her blog and I'm so glad she did! I was dying and laughing so hard reading your post that my eyes are watering! I'm a new mom to three kids and I'm pregnant with my first. Not sure how I would have handled a situation like this. Love that you put him in the garage to avoid "conflict" as you and your husband calmed down! Genius! Thanks for the great read tonight!

  10. LOL...thank you for reminding me to keep a sense of humor about life :)

  11. I absolutely would have cried. What a nightmare!