Tuesday, December 22, 2009


With two weeks of Christmas Vacation upon us, I've been trying to think of activities we can do every day that will help entertain my children.

Yesterday, we decided to make sugar cookies.

I totally cheated and used a cookie mix.. and Aubrey is the one that mixed them together. In my defense, I knew it was pretty likely that I'd be picking up my step-dad from the hospital and taking him home as well so I didn't want to commit to a very lengthy project where Drew would be left to clean it up.

Anyway, after the dough had chilled, I put part of it out on wax paper, on a pan, on the table.. it's the only way all 4 kids can get their hands in on the action. I also placed out a bowl of flour and the cookie cutters.

Aaaand then I discovered that I can't find my rolling pin. Figures. I did claim the prize for the first person to make a mess though! Serves me right for wearing all black.

In attempt to be resourceful, I put another layer of wax paper on the cookies and flattened it out with a glass baking dish. It totally worked!

I was pleasantly surprised that the kids all *nicely* took turns with the cookie cutters. However, by the time this all passed, the dough was soft enough that there was no way to scoop up the shapes. Oops.

At this point I figured it was best to just scoop it all back into the bowl and use the cookie scooper. Whatever. It worked.

Each kiddo was given a paper plate with a scoop of frosting, a plastic knife (no children were harmed) and free range of the four types of sprinkles.

I let them eat as much as they wanted. Why not!

They had a great time.

Kaitlyn wasn't too sure at first with what she thought about the frosting.. Carson had no concerns and dove right in.

At this point, she stopped eating the cookie and moved to just licking the frosting. You can kind of tell that much of the frosting has disappeared.

Excuse the blurriness, it was a total action shot.

mmmm Good stuff.

The kids were all kind enough to make Drew a cookie too at the very end with their licked-clean fingers and knifes.

Luckily, Drew was smart enough to question which ones they prepared and which ones I did and then consumed accordingly.

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