Friday, December 4, 2009

I just had to.

This year, everyone and their dog is making wreaths out of ornaments.

It looked so simple, I figured I'd give it a go.

I grabbed a wire hanger and straightened out the top so that I could slide my ornaments onto it. Then, I collected all of the millions of ornaments that I put in vases last year and started threading them on.. non-sparkle.. tiny.. sparkle.. tiny.. etc. Throwing in a huge one every little bit.

It was working well until I figured out that I didn't have enough. Apparently one and half million were needed.

Sooo... I took them back off. I didn't want to go buy more- I'm trying to just use what I have.

Super smart me, I decided to just twist the hanger down lower making it a smaller wreath plus then I'd have something better to help hang it with (I have no idea how everyone else twisted their hangers back, I tried and it wasn't happening!).

Unfortunately, my brain failed me, and the 'wreath' looked HORRIBLE! Super ghetto. I wasn't able to get the shape I wanted by long stretch.

Off they back went. After pouting for a few minutes, I pulled out the floral wire and strung them on there. Much easier.

I attacked the wire hanger yet again and this time it was a little easier. Funny how that happens with no ornaments on it.

Then, I took small pieces of floral wire and attached my new wreath onto the hanger.

ta-da! It totally worked!

Sad for me, it was still small and super lame-o. Plus it stuck out awkwardly from the wall. Huh.

Then I remembered the wreath that I usually put on the front door.. my new wreath would look quite lovely against it! Thank goodness, I was right this time.

I grabbed two berry sprigs that I had purchased from the floral area at the dollar store and cut each 'branch' off.. it was just enough to help fill in the plain background.

I love it!! YAY!!

Drew loves that I was able to use what I had on hand (except for the $2 berry thingies).

is a good tutorial for those that are a little more coordinated than me. Or have a million and a half ornaments to use.

Might as well show off the rest of my front room. I know, you're so welcome!!

On the mirror: The hanger was originally an ugly brass- thank goodness for spray paint! And the square wreath is an unused picture frame that I wrapped with garland. I think it might need some of those dollar store berries.

On my piano.

Behind my couch: I recently decided I wanted to have a sofa table for more decorations since we didn't put our Christmas Tree in the front room.. but I don't have the money for one (they're expensive!). Instead, I grabbed two book cases and plopped them back there. Problem solved.

It's garland and a string of LED lights. Totally worth $7 for them.. I don't feel guilty about leaving them on all day long since it's such low wattage! I put last year's glittery sprig stuff in there as well (I think you can see them a little better if you click on the picture).

What do you think?

Oh! And a picture of Kaitlyn. She's on ornament patrol. She pulls them off the tree and then pumps her little legs and runs over to say, "Moooomm, it faaallllll!"

At least she's cute. :o)


  1. I've been trying to remember if I have a million and a half extra ornaments to make one of those myself. Guess I'll find out next week. :)
    Your living room looks Fabulous, Festive, Fun!

  2. Cute! I really like how it turned out. Now maybe I will try one...maybe.

  3. Ooooh oooh oohhh gorgeous use of color ! You must come on over and share your creativity at my Ornament Party !

    Ms. Kate

  4. I like it BETTER surrounded by the green, so that makes you brilliant. So there.

  5. The wreath looks AWESOME - the mirror too! I'm also the mom of 4 crazies including a little she-ra about the same age as yours...thanks to her, there are NO ornaments on the bottom branches of our tree!

  6. cool that you used both of the wreaths together! Everything looks great!

  7. adorable!! I don't think i have that much patience tho to make one! oh and i was a little curious as to where you actually put your christmas tree?!?! LOL!

  8. We put our tree in the family room in the basement. :o)