Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve.

Every year, we go to my mom's house for Christmas Eve.

Prior to dinner, we sit around and talk while the kids anxiously await the opening of presents.

This year we had the kids each open up their present one at a time and started from the youngest and worked our way up.

I some how missed taking a picture of Kait opening hers, probably because I was laughing at how she dove right in to ripping it open. She got a cute set of 10 Littlest Petshops. She's had so much fun with it! She uses them with our Little People toys.

Carson got a cool Pokemon toy.. it's a lot of fun. It shoots things.. has a hidden area for little things.. perfect for a little boy. He calls it his "pooky" toy.

This was Hayden being told it was his turn. I love this kid.

Hayden and Carson study his Lego Indiana Jones set.. they both love it!

Aubrey had her mouth open for at least 5-10 seconds after unwrapping her present.. she's been wanting this for awhile.

My kids really had a great time.

This makes me laugh and laugh... Poor Megan, as the oldest, was last to open hers.

This is my cute sister Amy.

We puffy heart each other.

Her oldest daughter, Liz, is so cute!

Her other daughter, Jorden is so funny.. she's so much like me. We both like nice things.. love the hair and make up stuff.. we always compare our 'lipgloss of the day'.. she was so excited with her purse and accessories. I don't blame her! She's so cute when you tell her to smile too- she stops smiling and her eyes glaze over a little like she can't be bothered.. I took several of her and they all look the same. Next time I'll have to remember to tell her not to smile and go for candid.

My brother Dan and his boys Nathan and Ben.. they both scored with Transformers.

The rest of the (adult) boys. They stood back and observed during the madness.

This is my mom and John ever so subtly saying Enough pictures later on in the evening.

Hopefully not to many seizures were from my flash. :-S And he usually does close his eyes to help.. guess I did take a lot though. Sorry, John. .

I have to say though, I think this picture made it all worth it though... I actually got a picture of him with his eyes open! This pretty much never happens. No really, NEVER.

We had a really good dinner.. yummy food and great people are always a good combination.

Here's my dad Val and Dan cutting up the ham.

My step-dad is under instruction to avoid stress as he has some odd things going on with his brain and I just brought him home from the hospital on Monday.. so we made sure it was very easy on everyone at my mom's house. We went with plastic plates, cups and utensils. I'm almost thinking we should do that every year, I loved how simple the clean up was!!

After dinner, the boys and Grandpa Val helped Hayden with his new Lego set. Surprisingly, no pieces were lost.

The older girls had fun tracking Santa's progress online.

I'm so glad we could spend the evening with people we loved.

Kaitlyn and Carson fell asleep on the way home. Aubrey and Hayden set out cookies for Santa and then went to bed. We had a fabulous Christmas Eve. Which I really appreciate now that I know how Christmas Morning was spent... it's a story you'll truly enjoy. Trust me.

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