Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh so puffy.

In hoping for the Mother of the Year award, I have certain things up my sleeve that I save to give myself little boosts. I really want the comittee to know just how much effort I'm putting in!

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting an oldie but goody.

When Aubrey was a baby, my dad Val gave the grandkids (all girls at the time) matching snowsuits from Barcelona for Christmas.

It's all red.

It's super puffy.

It's awesome. Awesome.

Each of my children have had the pleasure of being stuffed into it. Their chubby little faces poking out. I just want to eat them up, they're so smooshy!

And look, she's even happy to wear it! I'm pretty sure she didn't realize at that point that she would no longer be able to put her arms down.

Or that she resembled a holiday oompa loompa.

Or for that matter, she had no idea that once she tripped she would roll around until she was on her back.. and would not be able to get back up no matter how much she flailed about.

That's my favorite part.

Told you it's perfect for the Mother of the Year award.

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  1. I like the arsenal of tips for the mother of the year award. I think I'll start a file.