Sunday, December 27, 2009

Visiting Santa.

I forgot to blog about our Santa visit!

On the 23rd, I begged and pleaded with Drew to go with me to take the kids to see Santa. I knew I was asking a lot: Drew hates almost everything to do with shopping. He hates bad drivers. He hates the mall. He hates crowds. Yeah.....

But being the great man and dad that he is, he agreed to go.

Once Drew was home for work, I asked the kids to all change out of their pajamas (what, we're on Christmas vacation!) and into their nice clothes.

Hayden disappeared into the basement and returned wearing black soccer shorts and a brown pirate shirt.

I kindly asked Hayden to find something a little more appropriated for 20 degree weather. And a little nicer.

Carson helped himself to the dirty laundry in Kaitlyn's room and returned wearing Hayden's camouflage pants. Backwards. And Hayden's green shirt. Inside out but correct direction.

I didn't even know what to say to that, so I laughed.

Hayden happily showed me his new attire. A Tiger Rock Band shirt with brown pants. His big smile was because he still has his origional good clothes on, underneath. He assured me that he wouldn't be cold with two layers!!

I gave up at this point and had everyone put their coats on and off we went.

While we waited in the huge line with all of the other slacker parents, we ate Pretzle Time mini bites and drank sprite. The kids were having such a great time, even Drew couldn't help but smile. (ha!)

I had told the kids this year that they could ask Santa for anything they wanted and I was sure he'd bring it as long as it wasn't too big or cost lots of money. They were really, really excited. On the same line, we warned the kids cough:Carson:cough that if they were naughty, Santa would bring them a rock. Really, what little kid these days knows what coal is?

Anyway, when it was finally our turn, each of the kids happily sat by santa and told them what they wanted for Christmas.

Aubrey wanted a Webkinz or something fun to do.

Hayden wanted a Lego Star Wars or Indiana Jones set.

Carson wanted a blue lego guy (from the Miner's set) and lots and lots of presents.

Kaitlyn stared. And then got anxious.. but she never cried. I had to move her to Aubrey's after she did 'jello legs' and slid down Santa's lap to the floor.

I was pleasantly surprised that it only took three tries to get a good picture.

It was a nice change from the red-faced, screaming pictures that I usually end up with.

I think seeing my kids so happy and in their nice clothes made all the effort worth while. Even if it did cost $15 for one little 5x7 picture.

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