Thursday, December 10, 2009

When Moonsand Attacks.

This past Sunday afternoon, the kids were complaining that they were bored. Shocker, I know.

It was too cold to play outside.

Their millions of toys were suddenly boring.

Hayden requested to get the Moonsand out which resulted in Carson enthusiastically pleading for it was well.

Moonsand. Ah, not really my smartest idea. Last year I purchased a lot of it from Amazon for an amazing price. I LOVE how it feels. But the inevitable mess? Yeah, not so fun. Needless to say, this isn't an activity we do very frequently.

But why not.

I laid out the craft tablecloth (meaning I don't care what gets spilled/wiped/gunked on it) and brought out the bake wear to help contain everything.

Hayden enjoyed making igloos for his lego guy to play in.

Carson smashed the moonsand down and then scooped it back up to push in the molds to create a castle.

He was very sad when it didn't work how he wanted.

Kaitlyn just scooped it from the bucket.. into the glass pan.. and back into the bucket.. and back again.

She sure loves her daddy.

I was pleasantly surprised at how little of the moon sand actually ended up on the floor.

However, the table and chairs were sadly another story. :-S


  1. In my opinion, you only give moonsand as birthday presents for kids who's parents you don't like. That stuff is a messy curse.

  2. I agree with Amelia. Moonsand and Play Doh are strictly for GIVING.

  3. Yeah I figured that out pretty quickly. We haven't had Play Doh in years. A few months ago the kids were all invited to a party.. in the party bag for the kids was Play Doh. I asked Drew if the family hated us... LOL