Monday, March 1, 2010


Last Tuesday I hosted a playdate. 

Besides cleaning up the house, so that the little kids can just mess it up again, I also brought out our nice things.

Such as, a fresh roll of toilet paper.

For those of you with 2 year olds (or younger) then you understand what I'm sayin'.

Anyway, once everyone arrived, the kids played a little and then we ate lunch.  You can tell how much fun was had by the massive amounts of crumbs that were on my kitchen floor.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that baby Traveller really enjoyed having such a wide variety of lunch options while crawling around.  A baby buffet, if you will.  At least I had mopped recently.

While I was chatting with my fabulous friends, Drew was sweating bullets about his fish tank or beloved TV being broken.  (this was a very valid fear, after all, we DO have Carson and know what he's capable of...)

What he didn't realize was that out of eleven children, the only boys actually playing, were ours (Traveller was busy with his buffet, remember?).   That means the basement was rarely visited and it was Kaitlyn's room that was the big hit. 

It didn't take long to clean up.
We did, however, have one minor casualty.  Every play date has to have one. 

I didn't put the (new) container of baby wipes up high enough in Kaitlyn's room.

Totally my own fault.

And totally worth every penny- adult conversation is priceless!! 

Can't wait to do it again.


  1. Oh man! I didn't realize that we left you in such a mess! So sorry! Time for you to come over and get your revenge...

  2. The wipes thing has happened to me the last 4 times my nieces have come over. The last time I had everyone pick up some wipes and clean something. At least then the wipes weren't totally wasted.
    Sounds like fun.

  3. You must be wiped out. Did I mention my blogger name is *purely* a coincidence? So sorry. :)

  4. I am SO sorry. Because I am pretty sure that it was MY Regan who did the wipes and Traveller who did the TP. Because I see that scene WAY too often.

    Sorry it was such a mess. Next time I will host!

    But it was really fun and your friend Misty is a Gem, I really liked her!