Friday, August 7, 2009

I WANT this give-a-way!

So, you know how yesterday I mentioned that Danno is over here all the time and that he's my step-brother.. well my other step-brother is named Aaron (from that family- I have like quite a few step-siblings, half siblings- you name it, I've got it).

Aaron is OUT THERE! If you look in the dictionary under Type A personality, it has his picture. He's full of life and is super willing to help out others (you just have to do it his way) and ALWAYS makes you laugh. Good stuff. Love it!!!

And get this, he has SEVEN kids!

AND- his wife, Catey, is awesome. She cooks.. bakes.. homeschools some of the kids.. sews.. cleans.. doesn't loose her children when leaving the house... and she's nice. (she's also thin enough you can't tell she's had seven kids- hate her a little bit for that if we're being honest)

Anyway, they're busy people.. we're busy people.. we just don't see each other very often. Ok, it's been like years. LOL But whatever. So we blog stalk each other. Or at least I blog stalk them... I'm SURE they read about my craziness though, right???

Either way, Catey has been doing Friday giveaways on her blog which she calls the Fabulous Friday Freebie.

And this week, it's a cape.

Ok, people, you need to understand how much my boys need this. Carson has been wearing his batman pajamas for THREE days now because it has a cape on it. I probably could strip him of it but considering it would be a fight and I'm still very sore and my left hand is still sprained- Batman, he is.

And Hayden, is very jealous of the fact that he only gets to wear a batman shirt. I don't have anything for him to wear. I know, mom of the year. So sad!!

I'd hot glue them something but I'm still too banged up...

Plus, I PROMISE you a picture of Drew wearing it if I win. EVERY boy needs a cape. Well, unless it doesn't fit around his neck.. :-S

As part of my entree, I'm blogging bout this freebie.. and I guess I could point out that if you REALLY think your kids need the cape more than mine, you could enter the contest too. But really, I NEED THIS CAPE!! (ooohhh, maybe you could blog about it and give it to me if you win?? Wow. I have no shame. LOL)

Check out her blog!

Hope you enjoy Random Thoughts from the Zoo as much as I do. :o)

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