Monday, August 10, 2009

Not much of anything...

Thought I'd post some pics of what we've been up to. Really, it's not much of anything. I still can't do much.. even light housework hurts. Well, except wiping off counters.. THAT I can do, thank goodness. I know, we all have our weird quirks. I big fat puffy hear clorox/lysol wipes!!

(oh and I'm DYING at not vacuuming.. AHHHH!!! MUST! VACUUM!).

Woah, sorry, had to get that out I guess.

Anyway, so I sit on the couch do nothing but mosey around the internet with the exception of adjusting myself every two seconds and producing popping noises from my back. Occasionally I get up to assist with popsicles or sippy cups. Braking up fights between the boys. Food. Things that my kids proclaim that they need. Seriously, Mom of the year stuff, I'm telling you.

Sometimes I camp out in my bed. It's sooo comfortable. I LOVE my bed. The only problem is then the kids want to be in there with me. Which I TOTALLY understand.. but they love to put pillows and blankets on the side of Drew's side of the bed and jump down into it. It drives me nuts because a child always ends up crying. Plus then they get hungry.. and then I get crumbs all over my floor (again, why I'm DYING to vacuum).
They look so much alike.. don't you think?

Want to see what happens if I'm not quick enough in assisting the kiddos?

Carson takes matters into his own hands.
What is it with my kids and popsicles? Honestly.

(if Drew is reading this I can promis you he's muttering What is it with my Wife that BUYS all these popsicles??? lol Yeah- I know, I know)

LOL Carson looks like Pinocchio..
Only problem is that he usually leaves the box out.

And then Kait finds them.
And then the pop-a-bee requests start (it's no longer pop-a-chi).

(psst, how cute are her leggings? LOVE! THEM!)

She grabbed one from the box and brought it over... look at those eyes...
.. putting it RIGHT in my face, so I can't miss it... you can tell she's concerned I won't open it..

I'm holding it and asking if she wants it.. she's doing a little dance of excitement.
It's now opened but in my hand... good thing I was sitting down or she might have tackled me to get it. She's REALLY good at saying *MINE* over and over.
Mmmmmmm. That's exactly the sound she makes.
Might as well show you what else is happening.

We went to Target last night to buy a new stroller since the old one was smashed in the back of the van (Drew couldn't even pull it out- it was pinned in there).

I decided the kids should get something they want since I rarely ever buy toys while we're just at the store (or in this case, Target). And I was trying to prevent incidents like this morning by giving them something new and exciting. At least it worked later today..

Carson chose a batman toy that is part of the Imaginext set that we have.
This is the bottom of the toy.. batman has been VERY busy flying around all day today.

Hade is still running around naked so I dont' have a current picture of him. But his new toy is also on the pinao there.. it's a starwars ship of some kind and four characters.

Carson was happy to touch things that weren't his and show them off.. well sort of since his hands are in front of the toy.. but you can see the green lightsaber.
Aubrey chose a $5 lil' kinz Webkinz and is playing with it on the computer right now.

Kait chose a hotwheels. It was only $1 and that's not really fair.. so I picked up 3 pairs of legwarmers. Gotta be fair, right?? ;o)

I've been wanting to make some Baby Legs for her out of knee highs but it's been almost impossible to find any. Plus I have only really left the house to go to the chiropractor so that puts a damper on things too.

ANYWAY, so turns out Target has their own brand of them but they're still $10ish a pair. But they also have actual leg warmers... and those are only THREE bucks! And they're just a bit shorter than actual baby legs! So I bought 3 of those. You know, to be fair.

I'm sharing a pic because I have to show Janae. And Robin. They've been helping me look for socks.

The pair on the right is an actual pair of Baby Legs. See? Just a little longer. Works for me!

BTW, the trip about did me in.. I totally had to hobble back to the car. Not my smartest idea.. but we had to buy a stroller before our upcoming trip this week! What do you do. And for the record, I only lost Carson ONCE while we were there. :-S

Oh and SUPER LUCKY me.. I heard Carson yell, "Oh Gosh, Look what Kaity-bug did" and knew it wouldn't be good...

Girl's got climbing skills. :-S

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  1. Popsicles? What is with your kids and markers and scissors?
    They are adorable, I think they may be part monkey with all the climbing. ; ) K's leggings are too cute!
    Don't you love when you let them choose something how it is such a BIG decision! It's nice to keep it special. No matter the time of year, my kids are going ot add that item to their list for Santa. Thanks for sharing! Love it!