Friday, December 17, 2010

I am Iron Man.

Hi!!  It's been nine months since I last blogged.  Um.... oops???

I decided a few nights ago that I should start blogging again but then Kaitlyn came down with the flu and as we all know, the mom is usually the one that has the pleasure of cuddling the fevered child or the one they crawl into bed and sleep by when they're sick.. which means I am now also sick.  Lucky me.  Which means several days later, here I am, finally blogging.

Aaaahhhhh, I bet you TOTALLY missed all my rambling, RIGHT???  Of course you did!

Moving on.

This week while Carson was at preschool, during art time, they traced their own hands and made patterns with them.  His teacher was laughing really hard when she told me what pattern he chose:  Iron Man. 

He rocks.  Love it!!

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  1. You're back! Wahoooo!!! Sorry about the sick. Hope it's all gone now.