Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jr. Jazz!!

Ok, I give up.  I'm trying to come up with something witty to write but I'm still sick and there are no words forming in my head that actually make any sense.  Sorry!

Here's the basic information:

-Hade is playing Jr. Jazz for the first time.  Basketball requires coordination and he inherited (from me) the lack thereof... therefore it's just never happened.

-This was his second game and I missed it because I went back to bed and slept for 40 minutes.  This flu is kicking my butt!

-He didn't actually get to shoot the ball or anything (because again, that would require coordination) but he had a great time and was a little bit more aggressive.

-Drew rocks for getting Hayden ready and then taking him and Aubrey.  He even took Hade to a different location after for team pictures.  And then he picked up pizza so that the kids were able to eat something other than cereal or PBJ for lunch.  Oh, and he did all that in horrible weekend-before-christmas traffic.  Ding, that's like 17 bonus points!

-Hayden's favorite part about playing today was that he got his own red Gatorade.  And even better, he didn't have to share. 


  1. LOl about sharing! My kids are the same way.

  2. Hey! At least Hade's trying to play :) Good for him!! He deserves the Gatorade! I'm sorry you're sick :( Hope you start feeling better soon.....