Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I WANT to share.. but..

My computer is fighting with me. Pretty sure my hard drive is kicking the bucket.

So I'm sitting on the kid's computer which is mainly used by Aubrey. The background shows Hannah Montana. The internet homepage is for Webkinz. The MSN messanger has 3 people on it.

It's so not my computer!! *sniff*

I have new pictures to share.. but the uploading software is on MY computer.

So, you will get random updates.

Let's see..

Aubrey is super excited about her birthday next week. She'll be nine. NINE! Feel older than dirt. She's supposed to have her party on Saturday but STILL hasn't figured out what she wants to do. Right now she's deciding between a) movies b) going out to dinner or c) beauty college for a makeover. It would be with 2 friends rather than a large group of girls. She doesn't know what she wants for a birthday present.. tick-tock, my love! Oh and she's saving up money for a laptop. Costco has little ones for $350. I know it's not something a 9 year old needs.. but really, didn't most of us dream of things we couldn't have at that age? I figure if she can actually earn that much, and save it, then she deserves it.

Hayden is doing so well in school. Things have clicked and he knows almost all of his letters and their sounds. At the beginning of the year he knew like 3. He just wasn't interested. At parent teacher conference last week his preschool teacher said he's doing so well.. has LOTS of friends, the kids love him.. he's one of the best artists in the class (totally agree.. the other kids scribble and he is very particular about what he draws).. and he's super at rhyming. It's a favorite pastime.

Carson is talking more and more and is so silly. What a funny kid. He likes smelling things right now.. wants to smell everything. In which he takes two huge sniffs. He is doing worlds better at not running off when we're out and about. Last week at Costco I was able to let him walk around the ENTIRE time and he only ran off once. When we walk Hayden to school he pretty much stays with me. When we're outside he stays by the house. It's AMAZING! Dare I dream of a lovely summer vacation this year with him STAYING BY ME?

Kaitlyn is getting so big! Ok, not BIG big.. she's still under 17 pounds. BUT- she's walking all over! It's adorable! She loves to yell out Ay-en for Hayden.. she'll even lay her head on him and say awww.. she totally loves him (he's totally in love with her too- that child has her back!). She will gaze out the window and say Da-da and then ba-ba (bye bye) while waving. She can say shoe, cookie, more and makes purring noises when she sees the cats. Love it.

I've been busy with PTA stuff doing all the treasurer things. My mom might be stopping by on Friday so I'm getting all excited and anxious about that. It's very difficult to travel with my younger brother and she won't have him on Friday.. she hasn't been here in years so I'm crossing my fingers she can come.. but... In the mean time I'm looking around at the dirty laundry pile next to me and thinking I should do something about it. I don't want me mom to see that! So if you "see" me online tomorrow, make sure I've taken care of that, please. I've also lost 23 pounds on WW so far! Woo hoo!!

OH! And we bought a trampoline. Every year we try to buy something fun for the kids with a little of our tax refund.. that was this year's item. I helped Drew set it up on Monday night although he did most of the work.. holy muscles, batman!! And then he jumped on it. Did you know my husband can do FLIPS?? Ha! Who knew! Of course he was totally out of breath after and pretty sure his heart was about to explode.. but still.. dang! Too cool. I didn't try.. I've found in my old age that my tummy doesn't like that jumping feeling. And after 4 kids, what if I peed my pants?? :-S

And that, is my pictureless updates.

(p.s. Carson is still crazy too.. today while I was in the shower he dumped out cat food in the kitchen and all over the back deck including a pile that resembles Mt. Everest. And when I discovered this, he happened to be playing in the sandbox. With only a shirt on. Mother of the Year reason #602).


  1. It was good to hear a update from you Becky! Really you have your hands full!

  2. Wow are kids are getting older. What does that mean for us. Are we getting older? Do I even dare think that we are almost 30 ok thats me and not you.

  3. I wish I had some wildly popular website to advertise your blog on, you write so well. It appeals to everyone! It is so great! Thansk for sharing!