Monday, March 30, 2009

55 pounds.

This past week I have decided that I need to attack my (walk-in) closet.

Ok, it's always a huge mess (it's my "pile of shame") and I say this all the time, but this time I meant it.

I had EVERYTHING on the floor that was mine so that I could go through it all. It was a LOT.

I had clothes in there from after I had Aubrey: And she turned 9 this past week. I haven't worn them in years.. but I DID like them at some point in time and just didn't want to get rid of them. I spent money on them! I'm a "things" person (to my husband's dismay) and I often refer to hot spots as Organized Chaos.

Anyway, as I attacked, I also let go. I'm not going to wear the pink plaid shirt from 9 years ago (I know- Pink Plaid??). Black bootcut stretch pants from 9 years ago? Haven't considered them an option in years. I have jeans that are much too big.. 2 sizes too big from my super chunky days that were years ago. Maternity pants? Don't need them. Maternity shirts? Buh-bye. (actually I did keep a few that don't look "maternity".. the extra space in the cut is helpful with my big rear end.. but I wont' ever fess up if I'm wearing one, so don't ask).

I even got Hayden to help me out a little while Kaitlyn and Carson went "swimming" in them.

After FOREVER I was able to declare that I was at a stopping point and felt quite accomplished.

Presenting: 55 pounds of clothes.

I now need to go through everything and hang it all back up. Yeah.. putting it all down was probably not my best idea. For now, it's all laying neatly in piles. Good thing I rock at procrastinating.


  1. I did the same thing a few weeks ago. I had stuff from high school with was 7 years ago. I finally decided if I have not worn it since I got married it needs to go and than I just dont feel like I will ever be a size 10 or medeium again so those all went too. I had 3 garbade bags full of clothes. But now I dont have much to wear either. ugh......

  2. Ok, so I just saw that you made a comment on my blog about EHK forever ago and I am just now discovering it!?! I would love to ask questions if you don't mind and offer some (what I think) helpful tips. Which one has ichthyosis? They're all so very cute!!!

  3. WOW, way to go. I cleaned out the bathroom drawers this weekend and felt like I was a super hero. I had so much old make up in was sad all that wasted money. I need to do the closet, but I feel like I would want to refil it. Even if I don't wear those clothes, I don't want it to look like I don't have any