Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools.

I love April Fools. So much fun!!

I've been trying to figure out what I could do for today. Have to be selective in my choosing as Aubrey *detests* jokes of any kind played on her. They make her cry.

For breakfast, the kids ate cereal. Before pouring the cereal in I put in drops of food coloring. Then when I poured the milk in, it changed colors.

I did orange for Hayden (his favorite color) and blue for Carson.

Want to see their reaction???

Oh that's right, I can't, because they flopped to the ground about how awful it was. I had to dump them out.

As they ate their once-again filled cereal bowls, I retreated to the bathroom to do my hair and make up.

I called Hayden in to show him.. I CUT MY HAIR!! (had to lighten the picture a lot so you could see how short it is)

Hayden said, "Um, I guess it looks pretty."

Fine. FINE. I tried to smile as I said, "APRIL FOOLS!" It was just tucked under.

Then we talked about what other jokes we could play.. this is what we came up with.

Setting up the scene: Hayden is dying of heat. It's SO hot outside. He's wearing shorts and a summer t-shirt.

We acted this out at home so he could perform fully at preschool. We giggled the entire way there. Just before we walked in the door I had him take off his coat.

He walks in and proceeds with the above look. "Whew, it is SO HOT outside today! Can you believe it???"

Teacher: You're wearing shorts.
Helper lady: Um... hot? Uhhh....

Hayden: snicker, giggle, gasp

Teacher: Really, you're wearing shorts???


Teacher: Oh, ha, ok.. but wow, you're wearing shorts.

Then they noticed my hair. And the other kids and their lovely outfits.

(don't be fooled, she loved posing.. uh.. yeah..)
She gave us the So you're THAT kind of a family smile.. We smiled back.

Now I just need to plan our dinner for tonight. Colored food is apparently out. Any other ideas?? Or good trick ideas??

How about good ideas for Drew? The "I'm pregnant" joke is no good.. last time we did that I ended up with Kaitlyn and my baby factory is CLOSED!


  1. that is hilarious!! i thought kids would love colored milk??? go figure?? I wish i was so creative! i did the prego joke to my hubby one april fools and he was sad it wasn't true. Don't think i will do that again either!

  2. Too funny! I didn't do anything for April fool's kinda took me by surprise and I hadn't planned anything. Is that baby getting poked by a pie spatula?? What fun having older brothers!

  3. LOL That is so funny.. I didn't even notice but yes, she's being poked with a plastic spatula (it's from the Rose Petal Cottage birthday cake set).

    Poor Kaitlyn.