Thursday, April 23, 2009


I looove spring. It's my favorite season of the year. So much change! I love having the windows open and the fresh breeze coming through. The weather has been so nice this week that the kids have been playing outside a LOT.

Well you know how when kids get bored, they get in trouble? Well on Tuesday, I got bored. And Carson came inside with bright red cheeks and was all sweaty.

So.. I cut his hair!

I think the sides in front need to be thinned out a little more and the front is a little short. Oops. Good thing his hair grows fast.

Here is just after I cut it and put some product in.. looks kind of silly from the angle but really it was cute all spikey!

And here's today (not styled).. I think he looks like my brother Steve's little kid pictures.

What is this? A SERIOUS FACE????
And speaking of hair, it's spirit week at school and today was crazy hair day. This is our version of crazy girl hair. The ends are spikey and she has pink glitter stuff in her hair. And lots of ribbon. Love it!!

And here's an update on Miss Kait.. I took her off of whole milk and switched her to soy and her eczema has improved soo much! Whew! I think she also has a problem with chocolate though. Last night Drew shared a cookie with her and she spit up quite a bit and her eczema was bothering her by the time she went to bed. Chocolate?? Can it be??? SAD!!!!! (any thoughts or btdt???)

Kind of funny, I went outside to take a few pics and when I came back in just a few min. later she was upstairs and holding the bottom of a corndog.. and then I hear (from Carson) "Where's my corndog???" Looks like he has competition in the sneaky department. She ate a little of it.. I don't think I've given her hot dog before. Now, my outdoor pictures. I know, you're excited, right??? Well wait for what I have to show you! Part of why I LOVE these is because *I* started them. All 150 were first planted years ago. Yes, I got my hands dirty! But look at them now. *sigh* They're amazing and we get soo many compliments from the neighbors.

My wonderful house. Look at our tree! Drew takes such good care of the yard. He's the best!

Thought I'd give an animal update as well.. Every year we have ducks that visit our neighborhood and choose somewhere to lay eggs. This past year they chose my front yard (in the then dying tulips, of course). This picture was from the beginning of the month, but guess who's back????
And last night they landed in our backyard and the kids had fun feeding them bread. (no pics!)

And here's the last change.. It's Mommy kitty. She's been very, very naughty.
I think she's going to pop any day now. :-S

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  1. Nice job on the hair-do's! And who needs Thanksgiving Point when we can just visit your gorgeous yard?