Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rest.

Time to finish up the trip.. I have other things to share! Like Crazy hair day!

The Saturday that we were in Seattle, we decided that we needed a thrill so we went on the Snoqualmie Bullet Train. Poor Drew almost got whiplash! But what do you expect when it goes.. oh say, five miles an hour. ;o)

The kids were so excited to go on a real train! And, because it was Easter weekend, they each got an Easter egg with candy in it.

You can tell we're a really serious group of people.

Sitting by my wonderful dad and you can't really see but I'm covered in Powdered Sugar from the donut I brought for Kaitlyn to eat. I definitely was smart to do that.. yeah..
Aubrey and Barbara enjoying more "girl time".
After the train..
This picture shows Carson off perfectly: Always running...

That afternoon while Kaitlyn was napping, I took advantage of the near by Outlet mall. Specifically, Children's Place. My kids now have several items for next fall/winter (Kaitlyn is done). My biggest finds were shirts for $1, $2 and hats for the boys for $.19 each. Yay!!

Drew, Barbara and Carson (who slept) had fun driving into downtown Seattle to look around. I'm looking forward to doing the same whenever we return.

We enjoyed yummy pizza after that and my step-sister Elisabeth came down from school so we got to see her too.

Night before Easter... LOVE this picture.. hehehe
We both look so silly.. guess we stayed up too late hiding eggs.
Easter Morning!

The kids scored a few treats and a movie! Imagine that.. PERFECT for the drive home!Searching..

We had to play hot and cold to find the last egg.I'm proud to say that the last one was one that *I* hid!
After the kids had consumed enough sugar for the entire day, we all got dressed and went out for brunch. It was sooo delicious! And they even had (clean) toys for kids to play with. NICE!

After we all waddled (from our full tummies) back into the house, it was time to finish packing up. :o( Here's a group shot that Elisabeth took..
I had a fantastic time and I cried when it was time to say goodbye and as we drove off. I'm really glad we all went.. when I first was thinking of going I was going to just fly up with Kaitlyn for a few days but this was much better. My kids still ask when we're going back. Guess the drive wasn't that bad for them either.

And as I promised, here are some Gold Stars for Anne and Brenda for reading Part 1 of our trip and leaving comments!!! Thanks!! :-D

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  1. looks like you had a lot of fun. Train rides are so much fun.