Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All dressed up.

My brother in law is getting married soon. I am soooo happy for him, I can't even begin to tell you.. plus his fiance is the best!! (ask Carson, he loooves her)

Being as we'll be at the wedding, I figured we should probably wear nice clothes. And the clothes from my sister-in-law's wedding that was a year ago obviously won't fit the kids (well Kaitlyn might still fit in hers).

I have been searching for something cute.. and matching. I know, you're shocked, right?? My kids? Matching???

Anyway, I haven't had much success as what I have found is more expensive than what I like to pay (I'm cheap/frugal/whatever you want to call it when it comes to children's clothing).

Insert Pinching Your Pennies and Kohls.

I love PYP for the awesome coupon deals (which I need to get into again), the friends I've made and the online shopping forum.

Having a Kohl's card is one of the best things I've done.. when you use it online, there is always a free shipping code and at least a 15% off code. I get CUTE clothes for the kids for sooo cheap!! And it's simple to pay the card off online.

Anyway, wanna see what I picked out for the kids?

My BIL is a huge fan of sweater vests so I figured this was perfect..

Isn't he cute? Is it horrible if we don't tuck the shirt in? Hade melted down when we tried.. it felt funny (he also hates tags, socks that are too tight.. yeah.).

Carson wouldn't participate. I even offered him ice cream to come upstairs and try the clothes on.. ice cream!! I can't beleive he didn't fall for my bribe. Hmph. So scroll on up and imagine Carson's head and there you go. Cute, huh!!

Here's Aubrey.. she really likes it. The sweaters a little big so I might need to wash it or something. She has requested that I curl her hair for the wedding.
And going with the B&W theme, here's Kaitlyn.

So in case you were wondering, she doesn't like having her shoes taken off. I tried.. so I could take her pants off... and insert tantrum. She inched her way across my entire from room in the above fashion. Once she was done and I took her pants off over her shoes, she still wasn't happy.. so I opened the front door. Kait loves going outside!!

Kohl's didn't have her size so I had to get a 2T.. luckily it has ties in back so I could sinch up the waist. I need to figure out how to tighten up the back of her dress by her shoulders though.. maybe just a little stitch or something. Trish? Any ideas??

Cute, right????

And back to the Kohl's thing.. all of this, full priced, would have been $166. But I paid $29. YAY!!

And here's another tulip shot because I think they're that fabulous.


  1. the kids are adorable! I think the shirt out on Hayden is fine. He's a kid! We're getting excited, too. We're so happy for Lock and Marci.Joyce

  2. Kids are looking so adorable specially in black/white dotted dress. I love it and would like to got for my kids from Kohls.

  3. Okay, everyone looks ADORABLE (I know, all caps is too LOUD, but they are truly THAT adorable. !!!!). Also, that picture of Kaitlyn's tantrum is classic. Well done on the shopping and the photography.