Monday, May 4, 2009


I love doing nothing. Yesterday, we were very busy doing lots of nothing.

Drew, his brother Lock and Aubrey played massive amounts of Frisbee and the sun burned our skin (which we did not discover until last night). As they flung the frisbee back and forth, I walked around the quarter mile track, that is behind my house, six times. I walked alone. I walked pushing a stroller. I walked holding hands with Carson (which was a rarity- he never wants to hold hands since he's always running off). I walked carrying Carson, which in all honestly, I could have gone without. He can get heavy!! I walked with Hayden while listening about level II of Lego Star Wars. Again.

I sat on wet grass as a spectator while Kaitlyn walked around. I listened to Carson scream, for a long time, about Potato Bugs. If you remember back to my letter to the local flies you'll have an idea of what I'm referring to. Hayden protected Carson by either squishing them or collecting them. He was even nice enough to keep the families together in the stroller until I came along and made him dump them out (ew!).

And then our nothingness evolved to the basketball hoop in front of our house and the front stairs. I'm really efficient in sitting and keeping an eye on the kids and bringing refreshing beverages to those playing.. so I went with that. At one point, Marci joined me and we sat and burned together. Well, at least I did. grrrr

Kaitlyn was simply adorable in her big floppy brimmed hat and Carson's green sunglasses. I could seriously eat her up.. devour her. Well, minus the runny nose. Never, the runny nose.

After a break from our nothingness, Drew and Lock went to the store to purchase a football. Hayden retreated to play level II from Lego Star Wars. Carson yelled out the window in hopes that the others would return. Kaitlyn napped.

Drew returned with three small bags of groceries, a football and two new camping chairs (which will probably never be used for camping.. remember? I rock at just sitting!!). We have a joke that if Drew actually goes to the store (he typically detests it), he always returns with a bag of Tostito's scoops, cheese dip, no real food and will have spent $100. Any guesses what happened yesterday?? This is why he doesn't shop. *sigh* Good thing I'm madly in love with him.

My step-brother came over and the (big & little) boys and Aubrey retreated back to the field to toss the football around. I gathered the leftover veggies and dip from the previous night's bachelorette party and warmed up the just purchased cheese dip so that everyone could enjoy upon return. And we did.

In going with the day's theme of nothing, Danno had the usual conversation with Carson about him looking like Bam Bam in which Carson returns with "I'm not bam bam, I'm Carson!" Carson never gets tired of this game. In fact, he now says it to.. oh, everything. I try to tell him he's a good boy. He says, "I'm not a good boy, I'm Carson!" Thanks for that, Dan.

Drew also convinced Dan and Lock to help him move his 55 gallon fish tank as the stand we have (we got the tank/stand off of freecycle years ago!!) is not doing so well and Lock gave us his nice one. Drew drained it a LOT and then the muscle men moved it without much sweating. Very impressive.

Then we had yummy grilled chicken for dinner. Poor Drew was caught in a sudden down poor as he was plating the chicken.. he was soaked (it was a little bit funny.. sorry drew.. but it was!) as he protected our dinner. The sacrifices he makes for our family!! ;o) He's the best.

And that, was our perfect day of nothing.

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