Monday, May 18, 2009

Slow melting & Helpful.

You know what is a fantastic invention? Slow melting popsicles. Love them! Ok, *I* don't love them.. I'm actually not a big fan of popsicles. I think it's because that's all I ate for about 3 weeks when I was really sick and pregnant with Carson. But my kids love them and I love that there is less mess, at least with the older kids.

And as of today, I have another reason why I love them. If you happen to forget that you bought them and leave them in your van when your garage is 95 degrees.. they won't be totally melted when you DO remember them! Just sayin'.

After I rescued the treats I let Carson and Kaitlyn enjoy them (I cut the bottom part off of Kait's so she'd have more stick to hold onto). Apparently Kaitlyn is a HUGE fan.. she kept licking her lips. It was so funny!!! Wanna see?

And the pile of 'garbage' next to Carson is a little tote thing overly full of stuff that needs to go out to the recycle bin. Just so that you know, that I know, that you know that I don't have random garbage all over my kitchen. Well currently I do, but that's because I need to clean up... but on a normal basis there isn't... and um, I think I'll just move on.

I also just wanted to publicly say that I really appreciate my children's attempts in helping me stay within my Weight Watcher's point allotments. With little kids it can be difficult to not eat what they haven't even touched. Don't you agree?

Carson was a especially a shining star with this today. After our quick trip to Walmart (where I bought the popsicles) we stopped at McDonalds in there to buy a cheeseburger happy meal for him and just a cheeseburger for Kaitlyn. I split Kait's with her (it was worth the 4 points). But shortly after giving Carson his he proclaimed that he didn't like it.

My first though was that I might be slightly tempted to have a few bites. I don't like to waste food and well, it tasted good. lol But after seeing it's condition I didn't even hesitate to toss it.

Thanks, Carson!!


  1. Love it! your kids are so entertaining! I always order Zane's food with stuff I don't like just so I won't eat it :) Jacob's on the other hand is still fair game

  2. i totally agree about kid food. if it looks unslobbery it is difficult not to eat it! :D
    i love the kait video. so very cute!