Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outdoor Room.

Ok people, I'm looking for input and comments. PLEASE!

Do any of you have an outdoor room? Do you know what I'm talking about? I asked Hayden if he knew what it was and he said, "Yeah, I think it's like a little room that's outside with a little bed."

Little 'room': yes Bed: no

I was just going through this and thinking that I'm crazy to not take better advantage of my covered front porch. I love the first picture she has on there!

When our spring clean up came around a few weeks ago we threw away some items which were *covered* in cat hair since we're no longer the local community stray cat hotel (whew!). And of course the community dumpster divers promptly hopped into the dumpsters and took it all home with them. Seriously.

Anyway, so here's what I have to work with. I stepped out and took the picture.. no cleaning up or sweeping first. The picnic blanket on the swing will go back in the van later today.

This is taken from the corner by my stairs.

And this is from my front door.

So I have a porch swing that desperately needs to be stained. Anyone have experience in this area? Do I need to do anything to prep the swing or can I just slap some stain on? Does it also need a sealant or something else I'm not thinking of?

I'm thinking I need to add at least one chair and maybe one or two kid chairs. And some sort of side table.

How about an outdoor rug? Can you buy them cheap and if so, where? Is there another option out there that might work?

Towards the bottom of that blog it shows how you can make throw pillows out of those plastic tablecloths.. what a fantastic idea! I can't wait to check out Walmart's cheap selection. I've wanted to do pillows before but the idea of a pillow that might get wet from the rain and then sit there kind of grosses me out.

I really hope I get a few comments from people with ideas on what has worked with them.. I can't wait to work on this and get it started!!


  1. Hmmm...when I think about relaxing out on the porch I imagine it being in the evening. Since your house faces West I think the first thing I'd do is a curtain like the ones in the picture. But definitely something that you can pull aside when you don't need the shade.
    I would be worried about pillows too but I'm not sure how durable tablecloth covers would be. I was thinking that you could put a pillow form inside a plastic cover of some sort and then put that inside a sham. I saw cute pillow shams at Dollar Tree awhile ago that would be great. Then you could pull the shams off and wash them from time to time.
    Definitely a chair and table.
    And some kind of art piece on that end wall. Ironwork or something.
    There ya go. My two cents.

  2. You should check out World Market up in Fort Union - they have a lot of cool outdoorsy type stuff and it's relatively cheap. I think for the color of your house I'd paint the swing rocker chair thing white instead of re-staining it. A good spray paint would be really easy and I think it would match the trim of your house nicely. I'm jealous of your porch, I wish I had one to decorate!

  3. Hi! Your porch looks very nice. What happened to the cats? I suggest, as does Blaine the pro, that you sand the swing since if it's rough or anything the stain or paint won't stick as well and will peel off more easily. I think a light stain would look good but any stain would look good, I think. Sounds fun! Good project. Just get out your sanding block.