Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I hate losing.

Have you ever let almost all of your dishes pile up in the sink? Where you reach the point that if you actually want to eat then it means you have to pull out the paper plates and plastic ware or the family china?

We have.

It started on Saturday. We had a wedding to get ready for and then attend.. and Sunday it was Mother's day and *I* wasn't about to load the dishwasher. By Monday the pile was gigantically growing and Drew and I were playing the avoidance game in hopes that one of us would finally give in and attack.

Because I hate losing, I decided my best bet was to play innocent. "What? There's dishes in the sink? Really? I hadn't even noticed." All while confidently giving my children their drinks from brightly colored Ikea bowls with coffee straws to sip from like this was an every day occurance. For dinner that night we used the large serving spoons and tupperware containers to eat cereal out of. My Lean Hot Pocket was served on an elegant paper towel. Tuesday's lunch resulted in eating from spatulas and rubber scrapers.

At one point the children did question my motives and began to protest. This is shocking, but after I suggesting they do something about the situation, they happily obliged in our little game.

Drew ever so slyly mentioned yesterday, in the late afternoon, that after work he had to mow our lawn, edge and use the weed whacker. You know, to keep our lawn in pristine condition in case there is ever an impromptu neighborhood lawn competition.

Interesting. If I'm out mowing then there was hope he would lose. And I certainly don't mind mowing.. but the rest of it?? Ick. My options looked dim.

Then Drew played his final card. He reminded me that he had to work on the neighbor's yards as well. Two of them- they're paying him. *sigh*

I simply had no choice and I finally admitted defeat. Rats.

Well played, Drew. Well played.

At least we had rinsed out all of the sippy cups...


  1. ROFLMAO! Have I told you lately that I LOVE your blog?

  2. This is a weekly thing at my house. Why do we need to eat for. If we didn't have to eat then there would be know weight issues or dirty dishes. Who am I kidding food is well yummy.

  3. My kitchen is looking a little like this right now. I guess I better get cleaning.