Monday, May 18, 2009

The Project Maker

Hayden is my little project maker. Give the kid a stack of paper, markers/crayons, scissors and a stapler/tape and he's good to go. Seriously.

You wouldn't believe what he comes up with. He's so great at envisioning what he wants and then following through. We currently have 'black spiderman' hanging up on the door that's the size of Carson. In Seattle he drew pictures of R2D2 (and a friend R3) and Darth Vadar. He also draws very detailed Star Wars and Indiana Jones pictures due to his new Lego's game infatuation. It's all very impressive.

Now to my story. The other day I was dropping him off at preschool and giving him a hug and kiss and he mentions to me that, "there's a t-rex on the little picnic table that he's making for Juan (neighbor)- please keep Carson away from it". Funny how there's always talk of protecting nice things from Carson. Anyway..

So I get home and expect to see that he drew a dinosaur on a paper.. I should have known.

Here he is posing with his masterpiece after school.

Every time I see Mr. Dinosaur I think of this.

Can't wait to see what he comes up with next!!

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  1. Hayden is very very talented kid. I love him so much. of coarse I love all my kids!