Monday, May 4, 2009

And something.

IN GOING with my just posted blog about nothing, I thought I'd hurry and share my day of something.

Today is such a Monday. I normally try very hard not to stereotype but come on now! Monday is just asking for it!

My oldest decided 15 minutes before school that she *might* have a bad day and she wasn't going to school. I did not agree. She cried and threw herself on the couch while I pondered if this was really happening or if I was just having a bad dream. A big fat pinch confirmed it was indeed real. Talk about feeling like the worlds worst mom as you demand they leave the house and go to school. Especially since she was kind enough to point that out to me as well.

Then, Kaitlyn woke up. She is apparently in a very giving mood today. She was nice enough to poop in a just changed diaper (warning, this paragraph contains poop talk!!) and then have it be explosive. Which got on the carpet. Thanks for that, Kait! Have I ever mentioned that I love our Rug Dr.??

Carson must have sensed my love for Mondays because as I sat at the kitchen table checking my email, I heard (with my mommy power hearing) snip, snip, snip.

Me: Carson, what are you doing?
Carson: Nussing (as it sounds)
Me: Carson, do you have scissors?
Carson: *silence*

I walk into the front room (cause you KNOW he's doing SOMETHING) and sure enough, he has scissors.

Me: Carson, what ARE you doing?
Carson: I cut my hair! (insert his big cheesy and proud face)


At least it's not too drastic.. I did have to make it a little shorter so it wasn't quite so choppy.. you can kind of see on the left how it's a bit different. I'll knock on wood though, could have been worse!

I let the Carson and Kaitlyn play outside on the deck for a bit once we were home from taking Hayden to school (we were 10 minutes late, in case you were wondering). Thought I'd share one of my good ideas.. we were going to get rid of this kitchen since Kaitlyn got a new one for her birthday but I decided to put it out on the deck to trap/contain the kids on. It keeps them from playing in the litter box, I mean sand box, which you can see on the right of the picture.

And here's little missy again.. so cute. She loves to sit on stairs.
Sadly, she's becoming naughty. She's figured out how to plot aganist me. Guess the older kids finally got to her... darn it!

I just walked past my garbage can and want to know what I found in it?
A fork. The brush that goes to the dustpan. A picture book from when Aubrey was a baby. A newer package of bathroom cups (used as snack cups). And my nice lipgloss! From my purse! Which meant I had to dig around in the garbage to make sure none of my other nice things made it in there.


And lucky me, it's only 2:30. I still have the rest of the day!

I'll end with this picture of my new favorite flowers. I just LOVE them!! And even better, they were on clearance at walmart for $2.50. :o)

Marci says they're Lilly's.. I told Drew last night and apparently he told me that three times yesterday but I don't recall.. so if any of you find my brain, please return it. Drew thanks you in advance.

Do any of you happen to know if I can grow these????? (we have some day lilies on the side of the house but I don't remember them looking like these)

Yikes, now I really have to go.. I can hear Carson dragging a kitchen chair around.. never a good sign.


  1. We grow orange lilies like those! These look similar:

  2. LOVE the post!!!! Sounds like one of my days =). I made a request of you under your last comment. If you can do it then invite your friends to see your first review on the Classy Blog!!!!! I'll need a picture of you to put with the makeup too =). Thanks Becky!!!