Friday, May 29, 2009

Floating around.

I haven't blogged for over a week. Which is never a good thing. It means I have pictures to share and not enough fun stories to go with it.. so it floats around in my head while I try to come up with something creative. But I'm a little short on sleep so nothing is producing.. and the creativity by association just isn't cutting it.

So... I'll just share pictures and ramble.

This first one is Kait on zoo day.. she loves wearing shoes and that's actually a word she says. Wait, did I ever post zoo pictures????? Hmm.. I'll have to look into that. Seriously, my memory is awful!

Nothing like a little girl wearing her daddy's shoes. :o)

Here's Drew mowing the lawn. It looks really good.. he takes such great care of the yard! Only problem is the neighbor kids that keeping our flowers. Oh the angry eyes when Drew discovers them... (me too but especially him). By the way, when I say "angry eyes" if you could use the Mrs. Potato Head voice from Toy Story when she mentiones them, I'd appreicate it. Thanks. We're considering pricing out an electric fence for the gardens.

Nothing says It's Summer time! like Otter Pops and a short hair cut. I don't actually care for Otter Pops but Drew totally loves them and all of our children have inherited the same passion. Hade looks so cute with his short hair too.. so grown up! If only he would have looked directly at the camera so you could see.. but at least you get to see his huge muscles!
This next picture showcases what a fantastic on-the-ball mom I am. I can't help but ponder which one makes me look more perfect.

The fact that Carson has no pants.


The fact that Hayden's are on backwards.

Any thoughts???

Lastly, just wanted to share our new furniture for the front porch. We bought it at Costco. Cute, right? Drew and I have spent several weekend mornings out on there chatting or cruising on our laptops while sipping our morning beverage. The chairs are very comfortable!

Aubrey has been spending her mornings, before school, talking to a neighbor. That's a boy. :-O

It's perfect in the evenings too. I'm very happy with our reasonably priced purchase.

My only complaint is that the children of the neighborhood are also happy with it. During the morning and early afternoon, it's shaded so they have been making themselves comfortable and are *constantly* on my front porch. Earlier there were SEVEN KIDS plus my four! Which is a problem because then it leads to a) broken flowers and therefor Drew's angry eyes (try it again with the voice) and b) because they make a mess and NEVER clean up after themselves and c) I will probably go crazy if they don't stop ringing my doorbell.

I've asked many times that they play elsewhere or just go home. I thought I was even being a little mean.. but three minutes after their departure they sneak their way back. Ugh. Any better ideas?

You let me know if you come up with anything. I'll start looking into what else I have to share.


  1. I feel your pain. I often think of lots to say on my blog but then life passes by a week at a time and I've forgotten.
    You recovered nicely.

  2. I love your Costco set! I would love to have a better porch area. I am glad you are getting a lot of use out of it. I don't know how to get the neighbors to go home sorry!

    My kids are rarely dressed well either. That is what you get when you opinionated or independent kids....ummm yeah blame it on that!

    And I LOVE otter pops. I have to resist eating them all day!

  3. Joshua was in the onesie he sleept in until about 7:00pm and that was only because we were going out to eat. Azalea's hair hasn't really been combed in a few days.

    Oh and yesterday she went outside naked.

    It is summer time to let it all go.

  4. a week is nothing...I went a month

    Love the picS - and the commentary is always super!