Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Art Night.

Last Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) was the annual Art Night at the school.

As we walked back to the school in the heat (remember how hot it was??) it took much longer than it should have. Hayden had two melt downs about his legs not working, that he was starving and he was so thirsty he was about to die. He may or may not have inherited his intolerance for the heat from me.

After tremendous encouragement on my part, we finally arrived. I found four seats together but more importantly, I found a friend to sit by so she could help me block Carson in. She was even kind enough to take Hayden to get a drink. Three times.

Art night involves sitting in a very hot gymnasium, with very minimal air circulation, while each school grade takes turns singing songs. For ninety minutes. That's thirty minutes longer than it should have taken. Not that I was counting. We almost melted.

Luckily, just before Aubrey's turn (well, her grade) Lock and Marci showed up so the kids had someone else to whine to, I mean love. Whew! When that got old, my children played with hot wheels and consumed massive amounts of snacks that I had shoveled into my purse prior to leaving the house. Chewing generally means not yelling or talking loudly which is what I had aimed for. Overall, I was pleased with the results.

Aubrey did a great job singing and I was very happy when it was over (not Aubrey, the performances). Yay for fresh air! As we left the gym, I glanced behind me and was slightly embarrassed that we had managed to mark our territory in Gerber fruit snacks and Nilla Wafers. How had I missed those when I cleaned up? Oops.

But wait, there's more. (I hope you just used your infomercial voice!)

Time for the Art stroll!

Luckily, Hayden's preschool art was right outside the doors so we smooshed against the wall to avoid being trampled. We still managed to find his two items and Hade happily obliged with my mandatory "pose by your item while I take oodles of pictures".

Hayden's is the red dinosaur by his hand (created with colored sand and glue)

His next project was pictures of flowers using 'oil chalk' (that's what he called it). If you could kindly scroll up and look at the top two rows of flower pictures, it would help my bragging abilities.

Hayden's is to the right of his head with the red tulip.

He's such a good artist! He loves to draw and does such a great job. Yay, Hade!!

After telling Carson to stop touching the sand art for the 87th time, we shuffled through the hall in cattle fashion towards the Third Grade hallway. Of course making a quick stop so Hayden could say, "Hiiiiii, Miss Katie!" (the art teacher).

Aubrey burst out of the room she had been held captive in as soon as she saw us. Although it couldn't have been that bad since the boy she dressed up for was in there. It was probably Carson's loud voice that helped with her knowing we would be there shortly.

Here's Aubrey's first piece of art. It's two paper plates put together with beans inside. Just what mom's love.. noisy art. Great. Thanks for that, Miss Katie.

Next up was a picture where Aubrey had to write a short paragraph and illustrate it.

(hers is in the middle)

And then my little over-achiever showed me the TWO other ones that she did! (I do have pics but this is a little lengthy already- email me if you want to see them ;o) If only I could get her to put that much effort into cleaning her room...

Yay, Drew finally made it over! He said he wasn't able to leave early from work but I can't help but wonder if really he just wanted to avoid the delightful ninety minutes (not that I counted) of singing. I'm sure that wasn't it, right Drew? Right???

Here's Aubrey's 3-D art. Each one had cute little individual items standing up (like bushes, trees, etc.) so you really got the full effect.

This is Carson waiting for me or Marci to turn around so he could touch those cute little individual items. Thank goodness for Marci's help! She really did have it easy though- only had to tell Carson less than say, 150 times, to not touch.

And lastly, here is Aubrey's life-size art. So cute!!

Look again.. she's doing her best Hannah Montana pose!!!! hehehe Love It!!!

(I think the poor girl next to Aubrey's has elephantitis in her leg or something.. should definitley get that looked at by a professional!!)

For my final picture, here's Kaitlyn! It was either that or a picture of my arm to about fall off from holding her so much. But she's MUCH cuter. Kait did really well the entire evening.

And with that, we retreated with one final stop so Hayden could say, "Byyyyeee, Miss Katie!"

I'm glad I have another year until the next show. Art night is exhausting!!


  1. OMG Thank you for sharing. I love it when you update - I always need a good laugh! Such a gret commentator!
    The kids did a great job! Yea for great art! Yea for fun programs! Yea for going!

  2. Cute kids, cute art.
    20 years of school programs have caused me to nearly DREAD them. Nearly. I still put on a smile and go though. Yay me.
    Aubrey looks like her armpits don't itch at all. ;)