Thursday, June 25, 2009

Told you so!

Yesterday I mentioned how Kaitlyn and Carson are always bothering each other.

If he crowds her, she pushes back on him and screams.

If he does anything to her, she throws herself to the floor in tears.

Wanna see what I mean?

This morning, Kaitlyn wanted something to eat.

Carson shows up and says, "Don't touch!"

Of course that's not enough, he has to close the door too.
Kaitlyn drops to the floor and puts all her energy into letting Carson know he just shattered her world.
She recovered moments later only to have Carson put his hand next to her.
Aaaaannd, we're back to crying.

Carson walked away. All better!
Carson dropped to the floor and crawled over while laughing..
In which Kaitlyn crawled onto my lap.

And Carson's foot showed up on Kaitlyn's. Gee, imagine that.
At which point Carson is histarically laughing and gets the hiccups.

After every time he hiccuped he opened his mouth like this:
..and yelled, "Mom, I'm choking!!"

You're welcome for not including Audio footage.

And in case you were wondering, Drew put the kids to bed last night while I was at the store.

Now you know what the kids wore yesterday.


  1. thank you - I love your blog. I need to know that I am not the only one with kids that drive each other crazy - and me!!

  2. HAHAHAHA Hilarious!! I love your stories with pictures :P

  3. That is too funny! Don does the same thing with putting kids to sleep in the days clothes.