Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two weeks or so.

I'm behind in blogging. Shocker, right?? Me? Yeah, I know.

I always feel like I should be doing more during the summer. Doing daily activities.. making lots of plans.. but really, it just doesn't happen. Although we've actually been much busier than I expected. I'm proud that we've been out and about as much as we have and I haven't even lost any of the kids yet! Here's a run down of the past two weeks or so.

My kids are busy teasing each other..

Carson and Kaitlyn are busy from one activity to the next every 2 seconds. And by the way, if Carson crowds her, she screams and pushes him away. If he takes something from her, she screams and melts to the ground. When did she get so fiesty????

It finally stopped raining so Drew could stain the deck. You can't really tell but that's a dual rainbow in the background. He likes rainbows and isn't afraid to embrace them or in this case, pose with them.I helped with the first coat (we used brush and rollers) and he did the second coat this week w/ a sprayer to get the slats. The picture above is pre-stained.. I'll take one once we get the furniture back up there. Sure is HUGE with nothing on it though!!

We've been painting fools. I love painting. Drew won't admit it but I think he likes it too. Pretty sure it's because we get to talk for hours while we paint. Who wouldn't want to talk to me for hours on end??? Exactly!!!

Wall into the hallway..
We also painted two walls in the kitchen. (the wall to the left and then the wall to the left of that wall, obviously not pictured. lol)

By the time we reached the bedroom he had nothing left to talk about (so he claims) so I did almost all of it myself. I love it!!
Bought a new bike for Carson.. the neighbor kids always take the other ones and I've given up on rounding them up. Plus they lost the seats. This is why I don't have nice things.

Although apparently I'm not doing much service to myself. I was oh-so-confident in my abilities to put it together. Until Carson started crying and I found out why. Such details...

You know.. things like the front wheel falling off...
My bad.

What else.. Oh, my Birthday!! I heart birthdays.

I had a few friends over on Saturday night and we were all squished inside because of the rain. The loud volume that the children created was simply amazing. And I thought my kids alone were loud. WOW!

I ended up buying Cafe Rio for everyone and pizza for the kids. Figured it would be cheaper than my going to the store and buying food for dinner plus snacks. I always over spend on those things. I just don't want people to be hungry! I t was super yummy though and we had a great time.

For dessert we had Carrot Cake (w/ cream cheese frosting) and the kids had cupcakes.

I ordered the cake from Costco and sked for 'happy birthday, becky" in pink and brown. Birthday theme.

I was so excited to see the cake when I picked it up... imagine my surprise when this is what I saw:

Way to really hit it out of the ballpark, Costco Bakery!!

And don't you love Marci's placement of candles? I bet she puts it on her resume. Birthday Cake Candle Placer Extraordinaire. She's just that good.

I totally forgot about taking pictures that night.. So Drew was the photographer of the evening. (for about two minutes) Hopefully I don't ever forget again.

Have you ever wondered what I look like when I'm inhaling enough air to blow out five candles??

Me either, but now you we both know!

Happy Birthday to me. I don't look 29, right???? :-D

And here's Danno's back. Marci's just beyond his shoulder laughing at something w/ Misty, Darin and their daughter Karly.
Drew has such an eye for photography.

His brother, Lock, is moving in a few weeks to California for a few years. Without Drew's good eye, I'd have to go YEARS without a memory of Lock's back. Thanks for really putting yourself out there to get the shot, Drew. I heart you!!
Sunday, we had a relaxing day where I ate Cafe Rio leftovers, more carrot cake and then dinner at my Mom's.

I recived so many nice thoughtful gifts. I didn't want any but what do you do. :o) I love them all!

Thought for the last picture, I'd share what my cute sister-in-law Brandy gave me. Well, or what was left of it after my four kids attacked it. A huge loaf of fresh zucchini bread! Even HAYDEN ate it. He told me I HAD to learn how to make it, it was the best food he's ever had. After I saw what was left, not even 24 hours after it was given to me, I believed him.
Yesterday was fun too. After planning for awhile to go with my friend Angel to the summer movies, we enjoyed the very odd Space Chips together.

The highlight being when we got there and Carson announcing that he left his shoes at home. I looked awesome as I carried him and Kait into the theater. But not as awesome as when I was walking up the stairs to my seat and I tripped and fell.

The kids liked the movie though (or maybe it was the massive bucket of popcorn I bought). And after, I met my mom and sister for lunch. Always fun to see them during the week!


  1. I think Drew and I might have gone to the same "How to take pics at large gatherings" class.
    It might not have been him though. I only saw his back. ;)

    Happy Late Birthday!!!

  2. Costco totally out
    did themselves!

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. Those darn anniversaries. I still can't believe we are 29.

    where did the time go.