Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Morning, Kaitlyn

This morning, I had the pleasure of being awoken (is that the right word to use?) at 8:09 by a loud knock at the door. As I silently cursed what was probably the neighbor kids, the loud knocking happened AGAIN! I walked down the hall and looked out the front window to see if I could figure out who the offender was so I could lecture them later in the day. Ok, I couldn't actually SEE since my contacts were not in.. but I was able to make out that there was an adult male walking away from my house carrying a bag. A salesman. A salesman!! What in the world! Who does that at 8:09 in the morning? AND, I have a No soliciting sign. grrrr

I glared as I walked back to my warm, comfortable bed and then I heard Kaitlyn. I was torn between being upset (because she was awake meaning there was no way I was going back to sleep) and happy (because she sounded so cute and in a good mood).

It's not very often I get to spend time with just Kaitlyn before the other kids wake up so I went and put my contacts in and grabbed the camera.

Welcome to the first twenty minutes of my morning:
(yes, this blog contains MANY pictures- this IS your warning)

Morning, cute baby!!

Looking out of her window
(I admit that I looked and hoped I would see the salesman so I could give him the stink eye)
Good morning hugs to her special doggy.
She loves her doggy.

After a quick diaper change and getting dressed for the day, it's time to start playing!

She's finally big enough to sit on the seats but it still takes some effort. She almost made it on!
Moving on into her little house, we play peek-a-boo through the window.
She likes to say, "Hi-yah!"

Giving the other seat a try.. she puts so much effort into backing up onto it. I love the look on her face when she actually makes it on.

Playing with Annie from Little Einsteins (we call it Pat-Pat thanks to Carson)
Moving on, we check out the books.

Showing her baby the book.. who doesn't love a super blurry picture!
One of Kait's favorite things is busting through the door and again yelling, "Hi-yah".
She looks like this Every. Single. Time. I love it!

Look who woke up and joined us! Morning, Carson! Love the hair!

Um, where did his pajamas go? Anyone??
Moving over to the last chair, Kait has a seat.

Carson pulled the table over so that he and his little plastic frog could join Kaitlyn for a little Happy Birthday practice. You know it's almost my birthday, right?

Don't you love Kait's open mouth dancing thing she does to this song? Soo funny...

Sad, Kait took the cake away from Carson again.

And she's falling off her chair.
Yeah, I'm kind of thinking that she knows it bugs Carson and she did it on purpose. Nice.
And at that, we retreated to the kitchen for breakfast.


  1. I love her little house. Cute pictures!

  2. I love the little house.. got it for Christmas when it was super cheap on Amazon. You can push it together so it's an actual house or the one with the door on it can fit inside the larger one to make it even smaller. It's so cute!!

    The food you can buy with the Rose Petal Cottage is made from felt.. did you ever make any? I love it..

  3. I absolutely love these pictures and your story to go along with it all! Your kids are so stinkin cute!