Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Table and Tornado.

I've said before that when you become a parent that they should hand you your baby and then a magic eraser and package of flushable wipes. Well now I thave decided that they should also send you a "Congrats you've made it to two years old!" gift and they should also send it to all grandparents as well.

What is the gift I'm talking about?? It's a table! And not just any table, it's THIS table:

Because the Free Rule is not into effect, we had to buy ours at Costco and it's fabulous. It's heavy duty so that it won't tip over if a child happens to stand on just a corner of it with no other children on it (not that it's happen, oh say 900 times, in the past two weeks). It also wipes up easily (you could even hose it off- have NOT tried that yet, thank goodness) and it folds FLAT and is simple to put up and take down.

And company likes it as well. We haven't seen Mommy Cat in a few days and were thinking something happened to her so imagine my surprise when I walked in the kitchen to see her enjoying our newest addition. (Carson left the screen door open in the kitchen)

Shortly after evicting Mommy Cat, Carson, being on a roll for the Child of the Year award, also put the table to good use and pushed it over to reach a high drawer. The high drawer that contained scissors, which he's not allowed to play with (remember my last post and his hair??).

Apparently he had decided that he wanted some ice cream and wasn't able to open it with just his fingers.

Sad that is was MY ice cream, and the last one at that. And BTW, these taste a lot like the Snickers ice cream bars and are only 3 points. After tossing it in the garbage I retreated to my bedroom to make my bed while walking around with Kaitlyn attatched to my leg.

I was hopeful that things would calm down but then, THEN, a tornado rampantly destroyed my front room. Ugh. Or I guess you could say it was Carson.. but maybe there isn't much difference...
Really, I want to know how he manages to do this in just a few minutes.

I drop to the floor and crawl around (because then Kaitlyn doesn't feel the need to be attached to my leg when it's on the ground) and start tossing items into piles to make it easier to put away. TMI, but I have to pee. So I hop up (walking quickly so Kaitlyn can't get me) and just as I reach the bathroom, Carson screams and his little world crashes down on him.

He saw a SPIDER on the ceiling and was screaming loudly enough that all of the neighbors were also aware. And I thought the bees (aka flies) were bad!!

As I walked back to the front room I cringed because I was quite certain that Carson had already started his attack, in the two seconds I was gone, to eliminate the spider. So of course I grabbed the camera. And what do you know, I totally called it..

He had dragged the table in and was standing on the picnic table. And look again to the top left of the window.. see that? It's a roll of toilet paper. Mid air.

Carson was very dissapointed that I wouldn't allow him to continue his attempts at the spider. Foiled again by mom.

Imagine my surprise when I asked him to take care of the TP and put it back in the bathroom and off he went.. no fight or anything!

But when he didn't return after a minute, I knew all was not well. At this point I figured I'd just take the camera with me.. cause it's obviously one of those days.

My little hmm at the end is because I wanted to laugh but knew I shouldn't... his little sorry was so cute! Even if he IS naughty.

Which leaves us to my bathroom. You know how some people have special towels that are saved for when company comes over? Well apparently in my crazy little family, it's going to be a new roll of toilet paper. Nice.

For those of us that live here, this is what we'll enjoy.
Let's hope the tornado moves along to someone else's house....


  1. Haha oh man! Definitely sounds like a crazy day! Carson is a cute little bugger though!

  2. Oh my Good Lord Becky! Days like that I tell my kids I'm selling them for a dollar. You enjoy him that is important and necessary for you to retain your sanity! Tomorrow's another day!

  3. I feel your pain Becky! What a day. I like your couch cushions BTW!

  4. It must be the third kid syndrome. Azalea can get into something in a blink of an eye. Just wait until kait is old enough to follow him around to be his side kick. I give her 3 more months top and then all hell will break loose. And I will welcome you with loving laughing arms.

  5. That table looks like a steal--and it folds flat!? I'll have to check Costco when Henry's old enough. Sarah's actually about 10 hours away from where we'll be, which is much better than two whole days. It'll be fun! And by the way, your kids are so cute. Looks like you're a fabulous mom.

  6. Sounds like our house! I loved him saying sorry.

  7. hee hee heelarious. Sometimes my kids used to take scissors and tear paper into bits so it could be snow. Talk about your hands and knees.