Thursday, April 9, 2009

Road Trip.

I have never been to my dad's house. He lives in the Seattle area and we've never made the trip. Flying is expensive.. No good when I've been pregnant (I would get sick just driving a mile away to the store so...). Didn't consider it an option when my babies were little.

I've had this huge need to see my dad lately- I've really been missing him. Drew was wonderful and told me to just fly up for a weekend and take Kaitlyn with me. But then we had to figure out how to get kids to school and he would need to take at least a day off of work.. so we figured why not just have all of us go.

We decided that since my kids don't enjoy even driving 20 minutes to my in-laws that we had better break the 12 or so hour drive up. :-D (and now you understand where the kids get the "crazy" part from haha)

Now, before I continue, I want to acknowledge that this is a public blog. And I would also like to mention that we have a security system for the house.. door alarms, window sensors and motion detectors. DO NOT BREAK INTO MY HOME!

Moving on. We left early yesterday morning. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my children did. Investing in a DVD player for the van as a christmas present was definitley smart. As well as the $2 million dollars worth of snacks and activities for the car that I purchased at Walmart. We only stopped once for lunch and to run around in Twin Falls, ID.

After 5 plus hours of driving, we stayed overnight in Ontario, OR (just past the ID border). The kids were SO excited to go swimming! I thought the water was a little cold so I sat on the steps. Kait agreed with me and wouldn't even let her feet go in.. she'd raise them up as fast as she could. Carson totally surprised me as he was the same. Other than a little foot dunk, he sat on the edge by me.

My only exception is when Hayden was playing on the steps and lost his balance and he went under and kept going forward.. I hopped right in and grabbed him all while holding Kait up. Neither child was happy about that experience.

After almost an hour, I took the little ones back up to the room and let them play in the tub. They enjoyed that MUCH more. Drew played with the kids in the pool for another hour.

After everyone returned and quickly showered and was slathered in lotion/creams/eczema creams we decided we were all starving.

Sizzler was just down the road from us so we went there. I haven't been there in years but I know that my mom likes going there. The kids were thrilled to see the buffet.. I think most children enjoy that.

Aubrey had a little of almost everything. Hayden had FIVE plates of food. Ok, actually it was cottage cheese, cheese, croutons and fruit, fruit, fruit. But still, FIVE! Not bad for the kid that doesn't eat much. (btw, while driving he has been telling us every twenty minutes or so that he's STARVING- growth spurt anyone??) Carson ate pretty much the same thing as Hade minus the fruit (not by choise- I wouldn't let him.. Carson + fruit = icky diapers

For my dinner, I ordered lemon chicken and broccoli plus the buffet. As I was about finished with my plate, I had 3 pieces of broccoli left. I was about to eat a piece when I noticed something on it.. possibly a piece of rice.

It was NOT rice. Not, at all.


It was totally a meal worm or some other NASTY bug. That had been cooked and was attatched.

Double ew. Ick. Barf. Nasty.

I asked the waitress to get the manager. I pointed out the nastiness and also that they had overcharged me for a $5 children's buffet. (I know I have a lot of kids but come on now!)

When he returned, he handed me the entire $47 back. Nice.

This was the best part though, during our dinner we had observed a guy that took an entire bunch of bananas to his table. Who does that!! Well, he TOOK THEM HOME! Sooo funny. Who need grocery shopping when you can swipe items from a buffet, right??

I'm pleased to report that the kids all went to sleep pretty easily and they all slept the entire night. Well Hade managed to sneak into the bottom of our bed at some point (no wonder I felt squished- it was a Queen).

And today we have been driving all day as well. Only stopped once so far. It's going so-so. Carson keeps yelling and Kaitlyn was crying for awhile until she finally fell asleep. I'm SO excited to see my dad and step-mom though.. YAY!!

Props to Drew for driving the entire time. Although really I think it's because he would go crazy if he was me and had to turn around every 2 seconds to acknowledge our children as they say something (does Hayden ever stop talking???) or yell for requests of food, books and coloring books, etc.

Ok, that's all for now. Tinme to change the movie! And maybe throw a cookie at Carson for yelling, again.


  1. Thank goodness for DVD players in the car! My sister didn't think a road trip was possible until she had one of those. Good luck on the rest of the trip!

  2. Oh man, I love road trips. Good stories! Thanks for your advice about bedtime for babies! I don't want a Binky monster either :). Luckily he has been much better the past few nights!!

  3. I knew something bad was going to happen the second you said Sizzler, they're all closed here because peopel died from e coli.
    Awesome story, thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, adventure. This reminds me of the road trips of yore . . . fun and exhausting! Hope you guys had or are having a good time.