Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lock up your valuables.

I love Girl Scout Cookies. Small bites of bliss. Actually, correction: Small bites of expensive bliss. But they are what they are and I buy them.

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Because of my "lifestyle change" I only ordered a box of Thin Mints, Tagalogs and two boxes of Samoas. My thinking is that I know my family will consume them in a decent amount of time that it won't be tempting for me.. I would make it work.

Yesterday afternoon, our Girl Scout neighbor dropped my order off and we opened the different boxes. My children were bight eyed as they experienced the small variety of delight and happiness. I ate two Samoas and they were everything everything I remembered them to be. Mmmm... Samoas... *drool*

After our sampling, I placed the glorious boxes on the top of my piano. Didn't really think much about them the rest of the day with the exception of eating more today (it's all about portion control, right???).

Apparently Carson and I were totally on the same page.

This morning I was awoken by Aubrey's (LOUD) voice saying, "Mooooo-ooooom (two toned), Carson locked himself in the bathroom and says he's eating cookies."


Say it's not so.

Please. Please, say it's not so!!!!

It was so. And we jumped out of bed.

After unlocking the door, we were horrified to see him in there with The cookies. Upon taking inventory of an empty plastic tray, Drew delivered the bad news that Carson had consumed the rest of the box of Tagalongs.

Hayden, who doesn't care for Thin Mints or Samoas, flung himself to the ground and rolled around in despair. Crocodile tears were involved. His Best. Cookies. Ever. were gone. Gone! He wailed. Really though, do you blame him??

And then we discovered the empty tray which belonged to the Samoas. Don't tell Drew I said this, but I'm pretty sure he temporarily considered joining Hayden on the floor, rolling around and all. Carson is very lucky that we have another box.

The best part is that Carson only had thismuch chocolate on his face which I'm sure he could have easily ground it into his shirt, a towel, or my nice things. Had Aubrey not woken up, he totally could have played the "I'm a cute three your old and I don't know what you're talking about" card!

After cleaning up the cookieless trays, I did discover a few cookies in their boxes (including 3 Tagalongs). Yay for Hayden! I headed towards the kitchen to put the garbage in the Recycle container and I saw... the Chips Ahoy cookies. I bought them because I knew Lock, Marci and Danno would be over the night before and if we were going to enjoy the G.S.C. then I would need a cheap filler cookie to give the kids (Mom of the Year reason #579). Obviously we had not indulged the night before. But Carson didn't let that stop him.. he had gone ahead and consumed about 1/4 of that package.

Lesson Learned: Lock up your valuables and your cheap filler valuables when cookie monsters are involved.

Do you guys enjoy Girl Scout Cookies?? Do you have a favorite?


  1. Hilarious! Carson has a strong dramatic streak, doesn't he? Pretty amazing! I will never forget when he said Oh. My. Gosh. about the cookies at my house at Christmas. What a cutie!

  2. That is funny! I ordered some but my neighbor has not dropped them off. I guess I need to call her huh? My friends Mom orders over 200 boxes and puts them in her freezer. Then she locks it. Really. Sometimes she would let us share a box, sometimes.

  3. I swear Carson and Azalea are 2 peas in a pod.
    That is so funny,

  4. Okay, that is hilarious. :)

  5. Oh how I miss you thin mints!!!

  6. we didn't get to order any this year. I'm so bumded. so if you see anyone selling them. Please tell me. I want a box or two.
    Your story is way funny though.

  7. Great Story! Too cute.
    I would have done EXACTLY like Carson. ...except the part where he actually admitted to eating cookies in the bathroom.
    I would have NO CONTROL if I had a yummy box of Samoas.

  8. Oh man, Samoas are the BEST! I love them! Have you ever had the Samoas ice cream? I think it's made by Dryer's and it's the best. Your family is so cute.