Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DIY: Master Bedroom Art

It's DIY day at a Soft Place to Land again (she's moved it from Thursday to Tuesday).


Last week I showed off an inexpensive piece of wall art that I did for my basement. After posting it, I decided I wanted to do something similar for my bedroom.

Here's my color scheme.. brown and blue. It's been a year and I still *love* it. Good thing since I invested so much into the bedding.

The following morning, I again went to the local thrift shop and purchased this large beauty for $5. It's propped on my very professional stand, a purple children's rocking toy thingy (that's the very professional name, by the way).

Because I have very little patience and it was early day and the big kids get out of school at 1:05, I had to work very quickly.

I grabbed my spray can of primer and went to work. While the frame was on the toy, I sprayed the top part.. went inside to check on the little kids for a minute and then came back out and laid it on the ground so that I could spray the 'art' part of it.

At that point, I realized that I HAVE to add a mask onto my list of items that are required cause WOW... wow. So I only primed the top part and figured if the bottom did not paint over well that I would prime it later on.

After checking on the little kids again, I put the 'art' down onto the grass and sprayed the other side of the frame.

Once everything had dried, I dragged out the gallon of chocolate brown paint that I also used for my front door a few weeks ago and then used one of those craft foam brushes to paint it.

For the 'art', I also used a craft foam brush. I did it in long thin sections (since I was working in the sun and it was drying quickly) and it worked very well. Awhile back, I purchased a $5 oops quart of blue paint. I had no idea what I would use it for, but I loooved the color. Turns out I was super smart to have purchased it, because it matches my bedroom perfectly. Oh, and the non-primed part covered just as easily as the primed.

By this time, the kids were out of school and half of the neighborhood children were gathered around watching me paint. Who knew I could be so exciting!

(the frame is drying up by the garage- it's hard to see)

Here's my finished project!

Only problem is that there was a gap at the top where the art and frame met. It was making me CRAZY. Guess that's why it was $5. LOL

So, I grabbed some matching fabric that I had found in the remnant section and used double sided sticky stuff (again, very professional term) and stuck it up at the top. The tan color matches the side table lamp on Drew's side of the bed and the art that's by my side of the bed.

Much better.

Doesn't it look cool? I have a vinyl phrase "love me Always" that I think I might put on the lower right side. I bought it forever ago.. I can't decide if it would look good there or not. Still deciding. (my husband and I started saying "love me" back before we were married instead of the regular i love you.. we still say it all. the. time.).

Now I just need to get those white walls painted. I have Monroe Bisque waiting downstairs... any volunteers?


  1. The frame looks great, your bedroom is beautiful. I love brown and blue together.

  2. How inventive! Our bedroom is decorated in the same colors...but you will NEVER see a pic posted, it's always a mess!