Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Labor Day.

This past weekend we also stopped by the local Hobby Shop. Drew has a money pit, I mean hobby, that he really enjoys. It's his gas powered Revo. Of course something always breaks or he knows of a way to make it better, so small purchases are required.

Hobby Stores have LOTS of tiny little parts and things that my children can't help but touch so I stayed in the van with the kids while Drew ran in.. he was sure he'd only be gone a minute or two.

Five minutes passed and I started to wonder where he was.. then 10.. then 15.. then 20. The kids were contently watching The Incredibles but I was getting uncomfortable from sitting in the van so long.

From across the parking lot, I stared into the store, hoping for a glimpse of Drew so I could wave him down in a non-crazy kind of a way. Cause no one wants to be the 'crazy wife', right? But noooo, I didn't see him at all.

What I DID see though was a big black truck parked directly in front of the store. Of course. How had I not noticed. The license plate had a Fire Fighter symbol and was personalized.

It *had* to be Tim. HAD TO. That's why Drew was in there.. he was talking with Tim.

Tim has been a friend of Drew's since the beginning of time. Well, or Jr. High or High School. I forget. Either way, he's been a good friend and we haven't seen him for about a year.

At this point, 30 minutes had passed and the kids began revolting because they were thirsty and would die any second if they didn't get something. I drove off and picked up a drink for them and then returned to the hobby store to find Drew standing out front. With Tim. (he thought I had left him there!! hahahahaha)

Ha! I knew it!! We ended up staying there almost an hour more talking.

Tim told us about a City fair that was near by us on Labor Day and there was a classic car show.

As the owner of a '67 Mustang, Drew is never one to pass up a classic car show, especially on his day off of work.

And so we went.

Here's Drew and Tim. I had to kind of randomly take this picture.. can't really ask grown men to pose together, ya know???

There was a firetruck there and since Tim works where he's needed and is known all over the valley, he hooked the kids up with sitting in the truck.

(mmm love the yummy sun in this one!)
Poor Kait. I left her in the stroller because I knew as soon as I let her out she'd be running all over the place. My poor back and hip just wasn't up for that.

Don't you love her stroller??? I had to replace our old one that was smashed in the car accident and I went with a super girly one. Just because I could. Look, she matches!!! :-D

Me and that man I'm in love with..

You can tell from Hayden's expression just how much fun he had looking at the cars.

It's because there was an inflatable slide that he saw on the way over that he wanted to go on.

Carson, however, LOVED seeing the cars. At *every* car he LOUDLY proclaimed, "Wow! I love it! Can we buy this one??"

His favorites were the mustangs, of course, and anything with flames on them.

Because he was having such a great time, he stayed with Drew and Tim while I took the whiney kids to the slide.

Waiting in line.
Climbing up...
They had a great time!

Kait indulged in a sprite and lemonade mixture.
My camera battery died at this point. Figures.

It was a lot of fun though and I'm glad we went.

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  1. Looks like fun, I have zero patience for waiting in the car, you're brave driving away!