Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For my mom.

My mom has asked me a few times over the past month about seeing pictures of my new van but I keep forgetting to take some.

Tuesday is usually the day the Drew mows our lawn. He could be half dead or the Pope could be in town.. it wouldn't matter, he'd still mow the lawn. But with the light changing, he's going to have to switch to Saturdays. Which meant he mowed the lawn last night to help with the transition.

Just smile and nod, it's well thought out in his head.

Back to my van.

It's a darker red.. I love it! It's very comfortable, has great get-up and go and I love that the doors open with the push of a button.

Inside the van.. the kids love the DVD player in it (I think the screen is 10.5"?)

Looking towards the back..

And there you go! :o) Do you like it??

My mom is amazing with flowers and plants. Unfortunately that gene skipped over me.. nothing is safe.. Thank goodness for Drew!

This spring when my mom was here she gave us advice on pruning our peach tree and it was just barely taller than I am. It totally worked because our tree is HUGE now!! What's crazy is that last year it was a tiny little twig.. it was from a pit that grew up at his dad's house.

What else.. This past Saturday, we were at Lowes and checking out their trees since they were 75% off. I called my mom to consult a tree option but she didn't know anything about it so we decided it wouldn't be a good option for us.

We ended up going with a Japanese Maple. I really like it! Drew does such a good job planting things. He's already done many google searches (seriously) so that he can give it the optimal growing experience.

And this is just cuteness... Kait was sad that I wouldn't let her eat a cracker that fell in the dirt. Her little bottom lip is out and everything. So dramatic.

And two seconds later she was over it.
And there you have it, Mom! Sorry it took so long. :o)


  1. so, umm Becky, did Drew brake his leggs or did you move to a larger lot?? i noticed you have a RIDING lawn mower for your normal sized yard?!? LOL just giving Drew a hard time! love you guys! Brandy

  2. Lol you still never posted pictures from your trip to Cedar City for the Shakespeare festival.