Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My new obsession: Jute Twine & Styrofoam

It's DIY day again.. I'm loving that I have a day to show off my current projects and obsessions!

Back in August, I saw on V & Co. where she created some Pottery Barn inspired twiney decor balls. I fell in love. LOVE! They're just so rustic.. they scream Fall to me. Here is another blog that shows off hers as well.. I stumbled across it last week while I was in the middle of making some. What are the odds! lol

In Sep. I finally got around to starting them and I picked up a six pack of 4" styrofoam balls from Michaels for $5ish (plus I used a 40% off coupon) and I got to work. Not on all of them though, my children got to a few of them.. they're still missing. (where do they go???)

About two weeks after that, I picked up a second set only this time in the 2" variety.

And then last week, at the Dollar Tree, I discovered a package that had even smaller ones! Holy excellent value, Batman!!

(in back is the Michael's package.. up front is the Dollar Tree bag)

The jute twine was something I picked up at Walmart for around $2. It's lasting forever!

This is how I make them.

First, heat up your trusty glue gun. I know other people use craft glue, but have you SEEN my children? They wouldn't last a day!

I use the heat of the tip to melt a little hole and then I put some glue in it and stick the end in and let it cool.

Then I put a little glue around (in a circle shape) and start winding and unroll the twine as you go.

Once I get to the middle section I end up doing little stripe (three or four) so that I can wrap fast and cover a good portion at a time. Just don't burn yourself on the glue!

At the very end, I follow the same steps as the beginning. Melt a little hole, fill it up with glue and tuck the end in.

Stand back and admire how fabulously rustic it looks!

I have a small collection on my piano.

And on a side table, also in my front room..

And a set in my basement. That box is a $1 recipe box that I found in the dollar section at Michaels!

I'm seriously in love with the textures! Have I mentioned that yet???

As soon as the weather stops with the wind, I'll try out spray painting the twine first. I just bought some last week.. although maybe I can just paint the finished product. Hmm... maybe I'll test it out on a small one and see how that fairs.

What do you think?? Aren't they great??? :-D


  1. Very nice. I should try making one.

  2. That is a great idea. You have made it look so easy... maybe I can do that!

  3. I like your idea of adding the twine to the recipe box. Very cute!
    pk @ room remix

  4. Very cute!! This may be a future project for me! Thanks for sharing!