Monday, October 26, 2009

Picture Update.

The title says it all. Updates. And pictures. LOTS of pictures.

Aubrey has been doing so well in 4th grade.. she's getting great grades! Last month she was able to bring Lily home from school, the class guinea pig. Here Aubrey is, on Monday morning, with Lily. Proof that everyone survived.
Aubrey's also been having a lot of fun with doing bead projects.. mostly making bracelets. She still likes to play Webkinz and has been helping me sew a little.

I've also let her 'babysit' a few times, leaving the kids with her while I quickly run somewhere. Usually not Carson though.. he's just plain ol' trouble. And only Kaitlyn if she's napping. Aubs has done a great job though, I really appreciate her help!

She went to a Halloween party last weekend and had a great time. She found a 'jail' costume that I had purchased for $1 forever ago (was going to sell on ebay) and decided to wear that. And of course she wanted to be dead.. which meant I got to do a smokey eye on her (dead = smokey eyes??). Too bad it's not normally appropriate for a 9 year old to wear it.. I had a lot of fun!

Hayden loves Kindergarten.. he has a lot of fun and has a lot of friends in his class. I was able to help out in his class last monday and he was so cute.. it's fun to see how they interact with the other kids. There's a little girl that really likes him too. hehehe

I still take Hayden to school every day but he now walks home by himself most days (we usually meet him mon/wed since I have to pick up Carson from preschool). It's so nice that I can watch him walk home from our deck (or take pictures.. yes, I'm THAT mom..). He loves the independence too. This was his first day walking home.. that kid had a spring in his step!

Hade is constantly talking about Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Wow. WOW. He loves playing with Drew's old Star Wars figures and is constantly trying to convince me that we need to go to Home Depot and buy a bunch of wood so we can build something.. a ship.. an at-at.. a house.. a bridge.. something. Anything! Gee, he couldn't possibly be a Young, could he??

Hade loves telling jokes and rhyming everything. Who knew the perfect way to annoy your siblings is just to rhyme your words. :-S He's such a goofy kid. I love it!

My only complaint is that last week there was a little of the above picture... with this picture below... (remember, Aubrey and her beads??)

Luckily after blowing his nose, it shot that sucker back out!!

Carson is in preschool twice a week and LoVeS it!!! He's getting better at recognizing his name and is always eager to go to school. He is learning a few letters as well as making smiley faces. Only their smiles are.. off.. so really he's making grouchy faces. But whatever. His favorite thing to do are the puzzles. Oh, and the teacher never has any problems with him. He just happily follows the other kids. Awesome!

Here at home, he loves playing on the white boards with markers, playing with foam blocks and playing with his Imaginext Batman set. He's ALL about Batman. Sometimes he tells us that's his new name.

He's finally starting to get the potty training thing down.. sort of. I've found that if he's not wearing anything but a shirt, then no accidents. But I don't really like little boy butt all over my house. I have enough of that with trying to keep clothes on Hade! The other downside is that he doesn't mind the cold.. meaning he has no problem running outside un-dressed like that. Although sometimes he'll put Kaitlyn's leg warmers on his arms first. :-S

Carson still just loooves Mindy. He talks about going to her house a lot and how he's going to give her a hug and a kiss. She IS pretty darn cute.. I can't blame him!

Kaitlyn is really into climbing right now. She climbs onto Aubrey's desk. She climbs onto Aubrey's bunk bed (which is SCARY- it's a super tall loft bed!). She climbs onto the counter height kitchen chairs, and table. She climbs onto the boys bunk bed the most though.. and three times, she has fallen asleep up there.
(taken with my cell phone)
For some reason, my kids think when they're around two, that they no longer need naps. Kaitlyn tells me, "No night-night" and then runs and hides. It's a little bit cute. This past week she's still really needed them though.. besides the boys bed, she's fallen asleep on the couch.. the high chair.. and the piano bench.

It's so much fun having a little girl.. my boys STILL don't care about what they wear (except Carson and his batman lego shirt). Kaitlyn is already choosing things and will pat herself and say, "Cute! Pretty!". She loves shoes. She asks for lipgloss sometimes too. I think I need to figure out some dress up items for her for Christmas!

Kait is really talking up a storm right now. I'm noticing that she doesn't say much when we're out and about.. but at home.. she doesn't hold back. It's so cute.. she has such a little voice. She calls Aubrey, Bob-rey or sometimes just Bob. I love that she's nicknamed her!! Hayden is Hay-dah. Carson is Sarson or sometimes just Sars. Actually, often it's, "Sars, no-no-no!" Even she knows that he's naughty sometimes. :-D

Together, the kids have had a couple of fun afternoons with edible play-doh. They don't argue and get a snack at the same time.. it's fantastic.

A few weeks ago we went to Garner Village with Misty and her kids. It was super busy and we had to park 50 miles away (give or take) since I didn't bring cash for parking. I've never been there before.. I'd love to go back sometime!

The kids had fun in a maze.. Drew went in after awhile and chased the kids too.

They had a stage where the kids could go dance.. the girls loved it! I love Holly's dance moves.. they're fantastic (she's the one in black).

The boys... not so much.

I can't believe how big our kids have gotten.. I'm so glad they love to play together!

Drew and I are doing well.. trying to not kill the kids and having fun laughing and being dumb. We're really good at both of those- accentuate the positive, right?? Doing a few little projects with the house.. just enjoying being with each other. Drew did some barter work a bit ago (mechanic work for babysitting) so we were able to go on a date- dinner and a movie. He's a lot of fun! I can't wait to go out again.

I've decided I need to have a night with just friends.. I think I might just banish Drew and the kids to the basement and we could stay up here.. or the other way around. Now I just have to figure out when and if I should plan some sort of activity or just talk and eat. Such decisions.. anyone want to come and play???

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