Friday, October 16, 2009

Someone has to teach him...

I can't dance.

No really, I can't.

When Aubrey was little and she begged for me to show her, she was not amused with my attempts.

That year for Christmas I gave her the Bella Dancerella Pop Star set. It was the perfect way for her to learn some decent moves! (I may or may not have learned them with her)

After being put away for awhile, Aubrey recently decided to practice again. She's considering being a Pop Star for Halloween.. she's gotta brush up on her skills!!

Looks like someone else is considering the same idea.


  1. LOL So cool! He really pays attention and trys to follow along.
    Did he know you were filming him?
    Jaxon is getting to the age of getting embarrassed if it looks like you're enjoying what he's doing too much.

  2. that is so cute!! i love that. can't wait to hang out with all of them tonight! :D

  3. Now I'd like to see a video of YOU doing it! ;)

  4. HAHA.

    Oh the list of things you can blackmail him with when he's in high school continues to grow...