Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hayden!!

I can't believe Hayden is FIVE today!!



Hayden was born after 17 hours of labor (and I took Castor Oil.. pretty sure that means bonus points).. and almost 3 hours of that was pushing (that's double bonus points). And it took us over 2 years of trying before we even got pregnant with him. I was SO happy to finally meet this little man!

Hayden is such a good kid.. definitely my EASY child. He takes time to notice others and what they are feeling and are interested in. He's incredibly gentle with Kaitlyn and talks softly to her.. he goes along with Aubrey and calls her Hannah Montana because he knows she loves it.. and he wrestles like no other with Carson. He loves to have down time with me and Drew.. just to sit and talk or have his back rubbed. Wow, does he love to talk. He loves to play outside and be with friends. He enjoys giving gifts to people. He hates wearing socks and the first thing he does when he gets home is take them off. He hates tags on clothes. He loves to be naked. If I had a nickel for every time I told him to put underwear on... But at the same time, he's horrified if someone outside of our family were to see him. He loves anything that has to do with Hulk, Spiderman or Ironman. He LOVES Halloween. He's very picky with what he eats and what he doesn't eat based on textures/sauces and how it's prepared. He is increadbly good at drawing.. he draws his family members in a size appropriate manner. Hayden's belly laugh is the most fantastic sound. If he laughs to much, he throws up. He definitley wears his feelings on his sleeve.. from tearing up to turning into Hulk himself ("hulk angry"). I love that he looks so much like Drew. He has my lips.. I love that I can claim them. I LOVE THIS CHILD.

First Birthday

Second Birthday
(his cheeks are rosy because he had a fever.. we were in the ER early that morning from Croup)
Third Birthday
Fourth Birthday

And because every post deserves a montage but I don't have the time.. here are two that I did a few years ago.

First, a silly one.

Now the tear jerker one.

I Can't wait to celebrate my child today!!

(fingers crossed that Kaitlyn stops throwing up)


  1. Happy Birthday Hayden, and I can totally relate to the texture thing on food. And how its prepared makes a BIG difference. That is why I opted out of the freezer meal exchange thing some ladies in my ward were doing. I couldn't do weird textures anymore!

  2. Happy birthday. It's amazing how time goes by so fast. He looks alot like Drew I think.

  3. Happy Birthday Hayden!! What adorable pics of him!