Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Montage.

Face it, you knew it was coming.

My yearly Halloween Montage!!

We had a great night.. I loved that it was warm enough to wear flip flops! Yay!

I took the four crazy kids around our neighborhood (left candy in a bowl on the steps) until Drew was home from work. Then I took Carson and Kaitlyn home while Drew continued on with the other two. Carson definitely enjoyed handing out candy.. every time I opened the door he would yell "Kiiiiddsss" trying to get them to come to our house. It was so funny!

Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to leave me a comment!


  1. Your kids look so cute dressed up for halloween!! Halloween goes by too fast! Glad you had a fun time. I am still trying to get more pics developed to add to my blog.

  2. LOVE IT......You are so creative. I love the pic of Carson holding candy - he has the look in his eye caught me, but I have the candy! Cute cute kids!

  3. SO jealous that you could wear flip flops on Halloween!!!!! That is just unHEARD of =). So I tagged you on my fam blog if you wanna go and check out the details =).