Monday, November 24, 2008


I really need to get back in the swing of blogging on a frequent basis.. mental note.

However, since I'm not on that band wagon, here's a run down of our past week.

As you know, we went to the Dr.'s for Hayden and Kaitlyn and we managed to walk away with germs.

Hayden proclaimed his leg was dead and dramatically limped around the entire day. Tetanus shots will do that to a kid. Normally I would have offered Tylenol and carried on but since he's my sensitive texture child, that was a no go. He gags and throws up with literally every kind of medicine.. even chewables. Ugh. So he stayed home from school.

That evening I took Aubrey with me to count Book Fair money (I'm the PTA Treasurer) after Drew got home. Poor Drew had forgotten and wasn't having the best day.. so leaving him with three kids who were screaming for me.. let's just say that night wasn't one of his best.

Wednesday: I left the house just after four to take several bottles of salad dressing over to the school. It was day #2 of Parent Teacher conferences and the PTA was in charge of dinner for the teachers. Meaning I had the pleasure of helping get the dinner set out and ready for them to eat in their half hour break. Unfortunately, that also meant I had to heard my children into a corner and keep them quiet during that time (I know, you're laughing so hard right now, right?). Back to the good luck, once they were done eating and we were done cleaning up, we were able to divide the leftovers. The leftovers were: FREE DEL TACO! lol Who doesn't love free soft chicken taco's and nacho's?? And, one of the PTA ladies made fabulous Tamales. *drool*

I left the school at 6:30 to deliver Drew's dinner to him as well as his youngest two children. I then walked BACK to the school with Aubrey and Hayden for their conference. Aubrey is doing AWESOME. All A's and 5's. She's extremely helpful and patient with the kids in her class. Her teacher can always count on her to know the answer or help out. She LOVES having Aubrey in her class. (I poked Aubrey and told her she should try some of that out here at home ;o) Oh, and her teacher loves Rock Band so we talked about that a little too. hehe

Hayden is improving a lot.. he entered preschool only knowing a few of his letters (he didn't really care about learning them) and now he knows more. Whew. I was wondering when he'd jump on that train. He's a very good listener and follows directions well. He does well socially with the other kids and makes them laugh. :o) Really, that's what I wanted for him.. just more social. The teachers all love how he draws.. he's super good in that department.

And then we hit the Book Fair.. it was B1G1 so we purchased four total and donated one to Aubrey's class. And then we helped take down the book fair.. cause I'm PTA. And then I counted the money. I didn't get home until 8:30 and Hayden was super cranky.

I should have known what was to come..

Thursday: Hayden had croup. Remember back to those pesky germs we left with at the Dr.'s office. :-S He was wheezing while he was still asleep and had the barky cough and felt warm. Another missed day of school. Nice. Luckily it was early day so I was able to schedule a Dr. appointment for him that afternoon. I'm usually a wait-it-out kind of gal but since we've BTDT in the ER with croup(for Hayden) I decided to be proactive. I figured a $30 copay (OUCH) was better than a $45 after hours visit or $100 ER visit. Anyway, the Dr. agreed with my diagnosis. I then had the pleasure of telling the Dr. that Hayden should have the steroid meds via shots.. because there was no way Hayden would be able to eat a chewable. Having had four shots on Monday, Hade FREAKED when he had to have two more (they were totally full too). Poor guy. Luckily it did the trick and we're over it and the nights weren't bad at all. AND NO ONE ELSE GOT IT!

Friday: No school.. stayed home. Cleaned bathrooms. Picked up toys for the 100th time. Mopped floor (and yes, it was spilled on with in minutes). Listened to Christmas music. Such is life. Oh and because all of that wasn't fun enough, just as I was rescuing a frazzled Kaitlyn who wanted to nurse.. our *lovely* cat knocked over a plant. Backwards. Onto the stairs. Right next to Carson and then it dumped ON him. Lucky for him, he and Hade had piled every blanket and pillow they owned at the bottom of the stairs.

Can you guess what I spent the next hour doing?? Thank goodness Carson was so upset by having dirt all over him that he stayed in the same spot without moving an inch or even making a noise. Who would have thought. Poor Kaitlyn screamed almost the entire time.

With early day tomorrow and no school the rest of the week, I'm waiting with baited breath for the rest of this weeks adventures. :o)


  1. Wow, its been rough for you. I don't envy you a bit...LOL. I hope this week is LOTS better!

  2. I was exhausted just reading about your week. Way to be a super mom - PTA - I can't wait!! I am sure that you will have a much easier week, with Thanksgiving and all...devious grin. Hopefully someone else is making the food.