Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ooohh, I was tagged! Thanks Jen!! How exciting. lol

1) Post rules on your blog
2)Answer the six "8" items
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8 Favorite TV shows:
-The Office
-Top Chef (started tonight!!)
-Project Runway
-"Real Housewives" shows from Bravo
-Wife Swap (I know, I KNOW)
-The Apprentice
-Shear Genius/Top Design
-Little Einsteins (or pat-pat as Carson calls it)
(can you tell I'm a Reality show junkie??)

8 Things I did yesterday:
ok, I've been sick for a few days and I didn't really do anything yesterday but lay around, wipe my nose and cuddle with my kids. So I'm changing mine to:

8 Things I did today:
-Comforted Hayden this morning when he woke up and said "Guess who's birthday is today???"
(it's tomorrow.. SAD)
-Backed up over Carson's bike and broke it
-Chased a stray cat out of my house 3 times
-Talked with Aubrey at lunch time
-Helped Aubrey put super good coverage of lotion on after her bath.. the skin on her hands and shins are starting to crack open (she has ichthyosis)
-Danced around in a very silly manner with my children while singing to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack
-Cooked Orange Chicken (costco's), rice and corn for dinner
-Pushed my husband up against the wall and gave him a big fat smoocheroo
-Cleaned up after Kaitlyn threw up four times tonight.. :o( Not holding my breath about that whole sleep thing tonight..

8 Things I look forward to:
-When Drew comes home at night
-Afternoons.. when older kids are at school and Kait naps.. just me and Carson time
-Going out to dinner with friends
-Disneyland in 3 more years (after that year's tax refund).. Misty is going too! Right? RIGHT??
-Christmas and the music, food and family that comes with it
-Learning more about make up application (JEN) and photography (JANAE) lol

8 Favorite Restaurants:
-Johnny Carino's
-Cafe Rio
-Olive Garden
-Rumbi Island Grill
-Costa Vida
-Texas Roadhouse

8 Things on my wish list:
-An addition to my kitchen for a formal dining room and someone to paint all of the walls in my house
-My children to be happy and successful in life
-Drew had a job that he truly loved with affordable health insurance
-A couple of million dollars.. is that asking so much? I would totally share the wealth..
-Go on vacation with just Drew for over a week
-That I lived closer to my sister and to Misty as well as other friends and family.. man, I'd never get ANYTHING done! lol
-Someone to put the laundry away after it's washed
-To be an occupational therapist

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