Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lucky for you. Treats. Par-tay.

Lucky for you:
So, remember how I was not a happy camper because my camera was having issues and I had to delete pictures? Well, miracles of miracles, they were magically on my card today when I was uploading other pictures! Yay for you!! :-D

First up was BATH TIME!
You can hear how Carson calls her Kaity-bug. LOVE IT!

She's so small but cute.
I love her eyes.
My Happy Helper. (please note hair)
Pile o' Hair

See.. it was a little girly looking.
The other night I went to the store to get milk and saw a package of those little mini cupcakes with frosting.. they called to me.. I purchased them. We ate a few that night and the following morning I let the kids have one each as part of their breakfast (hand over my award now, please). Luckily I had two because apparently Carson is a huge fan of frosting.

Today I told Carson during Kait's nap time (when Hade is at school) that we could make cookies today. His response was "Go Walmart, buy more?" I think that's a sign that I need to start baking more at home. LOL He had fun helping me make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies (one of my favorite things in the word- YUM!). We even used tiny little chocolate chips.. so cute!

Kaitlyn enjoys them too. Being totally on top of things, I completely forgot to make cookies without chocolate for her. And FYI, it's pretty much impossible to pick out tiny little chocolate chips and still have cookie left. Ix-nay on the ute-cay. So, I let her just eat it. No one tell the Nutrition police, please!

Here's her "I'm finished" picture. If you can't tell from her face. :o)

While Kait was eating, Carson was playing golf outside on the deck.

Check out the difference with his hair! Don't you think it's a little better? You better say yes since I cut it myself..

Tonight was my In-Law's annual church Halloween party. My kids really, really look forward to this every year and we've been counting down the days.

Hannah Montana.
Dalmatian Puppy and Soccer Player.
(they both refused to wear the pirate costumes!!)
World's cutest Kitty.

Eating Dinner.
Pumpkin Bowling.
Cookie Making.

Cookie eating.

Aubrey's cookie had about 70,000 sprinkles.
Oh, and someone should tell my new BIL to trim his beard.. he's starting to look like a chia pet! Which I mean in the nicest way possible.
.................. ^
.................. that's him

Drew & Kaitlyn
I vill bite you...

Whew. * <-- That's a shiny sticker for you if you made it all the way through! :o)


  1. I agree about the beard what is up with that.

  2. yes, i'm a total stranger!
    but i had to leave a comment and tell you thanks for your sweet comment you left on my sister's blog. she sooo needed to hear that and i thought it was totally sweet that you took the time to say something nice!

    not very many "stranger-blog-readers" do that so you are cool in my book!

    your blog is cute! love the family sticker at the bottom!

  3. Such cute costumes to go with the cute kids!

  4. looks like a fun party!! i love to look at your blog. I love all your lil tidbits! keep it comin!

  5. o and carson's hairdo is very cute! Or should i say handsome..what is the right term for a lil boy? he he I always call my lil guy handsome!